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FDA promulgates new regulation plant to extract content to export the United Sta

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A few days ago, the reporter tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports from Chinese medicine health care (next weighing that cure protects chamber of commerce) , the understanding such as association of Chinese health care arrives, one when American FDA promulgates recently concerns prandial replenishers (namely domestic health food) mandatory regulation, the exit that will collect the product such as series of content, vitamin to domestic plant produces bigger effect.

Many relevant enterprises are paying close attention to this new rule closely, advisory limited company of business affairs of Kang Xun of He Shuzheng of association of Chinese health care also combines association of American natural product (NPA) reach American pharmacopoeia committee (USP) , held composition of prandial replenishers raw material to detect for the enterprise the project grooms.
CGMP strong compasses

Cure protects chamber of commerce relevant expert tells a reporter, american FDA announced on June 22, will be in henceforth inside 3 years, all to this country production and sale vitamin / mineral preparation, plant kind preparation and the company of all sorts of prandial replenishers carry out CGMP compulsively to transform; At latest finishs the CGMP that tastes an enterprise to health care to transform the job entirely inside 5 years. According to this new rule, the raw material of the prandial replenishers that always imports the United States must be offerred detect strictly report.

Health care of association of Chinese health care tastes Wang Dahong of secretary-general of market work committee to tell a reporter, because at present the prandial replenishers raw material of American 70%~80% is imported from China, this are consequently new compasses general exports an enterprise to bring bigger impact to raw material of Chinese health food, "Especially plant extraction content exports a company " .

In fact, the transition that raw material exports a company related China period only remnant is less than 1 year: FDA regulation, to this country the large health food of 500 people above produces a business, CGMP attestation is mandatory the regulation will be carried out since June 2008.

Because export commerce environment hasten of the United States to father, extraction content does not add the plant with export driving last year performance to fall instead this year, "Month of the nine before this year, the exit amount of content of Chinese plant extraction and the corresponding period kept balance basically last year, but the establish that exports the United States carried amount to drop 35% , have 6.008 million dollar only. " cure protects chamber of commerce elite of integrated ministry Yuan tells a reporter.

And after new rule puts in force, domestic plant extracts the exit of content to will face more grim situation.

Begin as early as possible answer

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