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Hopeful of medicaments of element of homebred Qing Hao opens African nation mark

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Southern Africa develops community (SADC) mission of sanitation of 4 countries in member country arrived Guangdong to inspect our country Qing Hao element to fight impaludism project a few days ago, green Hao of comprehensive understanding Guangdong is cultivated, research and the positive result that industrialization obtains, give height the opinion. Make an on-the-spot investigation this will be advance compound of Qing Hao element " destroy the source destroys quickly impaludism " the project is in Africa is main of aguish popularity country spread next dozen of bases in the round.

It is reported, although element of medicaments green Hao is our country the medicaments that exclusive and own research and development produces major effect to international medicine bound, but the share that homebred green Hao element holds on the international market still is less than however 1% . The international of 1.5 billion dollar defies impaludism drug market, by abroad place of each big pharmacy company is occupational, china is raw material supplier merely. As the whole world famous green Hao element purchases Shang Nuohua pharmacy, the green Hao element last year purchases a quantity to amount to 81 tons, take whole China market 78 into.

However this kind of awkward situation hopeful change, hopeful of medicaments of element of homebred Qing Hao opens African market. Successful already research and development gives limited company of science and technology of new south of university of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and Guangdong Artequick of new drug of compound of green Hao element, it is the drug that has completely own intellectual property truly. Use Artequick to undertake " destroy the source destroys quickly impaludism " , also had caused the close attention of World Health Organization.

As a result of Africa element medicaments basically purchases national Qing Hao with the government give priority to, its capital originates World Health Organization (WHO) wait for international orgnaization, accordingly, if want to open African market, must want to obtain a world to defend " pass " , want to be record in catalog of WHO basic medicines namely. Limited company of science and technology of new southern Qing Hao carries out chief inspector Zhang Shaoping to express, mix this by the minister of Ministry of Public Health of Shikoku of Laisuotuo, Malawi, south Africa, Zimbabwe the delegation that relevant official forms arrives Guangdong, answer just about the requirement of World Health Organization, the key will inspect element of our country green Hao to fight impaludism project, also was last year a continuance that medicaments of foundation of World Health Organization and Matsoso of traditional medicine director come to Guangdong inspect compound of green Hao element to control aguish project quickly.

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