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Raw material medicine exports valence gradually benefit of enterprise of get war

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For old brand solution heats up demulcent medicine, paracetamol is one of mainstay products that course of study of moral of health care of our country medicine exports all the time. Current, productivity of our country paracetamol amounts to 80 thousand tons, actual output makes an appointment with fifty-three thousand five hundred tons, among them sale in domestic market occupies many tons 7000 only. And in recent years, the exit of paracetamol still is in the low end of value catenary. According to custom statistic, 2007, our country paracetamol exports an amount to be forty-six thousand four hundred tons, grow 0.71% compared to the same period; Exit amount is one hundred and thirty-eight million three hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred dollar, decrease compared to the same period 0.43% ; Year all export the price to be 2.98 dollars / kilogram, drop compared to the same period 1.13% .

According to data analysis, circumstances of 2007 annual exit basically appears paracetamol the following characteristics:

Manufacturing cost rises, the month all exports valence to be climbed stage by stage litre

Class of product of our country paracetamol is not tall, additional the value is inferior, accordingly, as produce in recent years can increase, industry competition is relatively intense, export price wanders in trough from beginning to end, be in basically first half of the year 2007 2.83~2.93 dollar / kilogram between narrow cut is fluctuant. 2007 second half of the year, suffer raw material to rise in price and the influence that manufacturing cost rises, the export price of paracetamol begins to be climbed stage by stage litre, by the 2.83 dollars June / kilogram raise the 3.29 dollars December / kilogram, go up for 16.26% .

From annual exit goes situation look, basic and smooth, just be in June, after the country reduces the word that utters drawback to be shown fully substantially, the enterprise adjusts the loss that drawback brings to avoid, ahead of schedule assault gives movement a large number of goods, exit amount increases considerably, the month of before comparing 5 months all exported a quantity to grow 42% . Begin from July, it is normal that exit circumstance restored again.

Demand of Europe and African market increases

Distributing from the international market look, the Asia is the first market that our country paracetamol exports, it is Europe and Africa next. 2007, place of this 3 big markets holds proportion for 88.81% ; Among them, asian market demand keeps smooth, amplitude is 2.17% ; Europe and African market demand increase, exit amount amplitude is bigger, it is respectively 6.38% , 13.63% . North America market falls tourist door stop production as a result of the United States, reduced a large number of demand, drop extent is amounted to 38.77% .

Look from price trend, as a result of Euramerican etc develop the area basically imports DC class high-quality goods, export price is so apparent prep above year average level, and Asia, Africa is former pink staple market, export price under year average level.
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