Breed holothurian the main reason that come on and countermeasure of prevention
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In recent years, cofferdam of open up of our country northward foreland, begin shrimp pool to build the new pattern with reef holothurian breed aquatics, achieved better economic benefits and social beneficial result, holothurian breed aquatics become northward foreland very quickly main numerous raise one of breed. But while holothurian aquaculture develops quickly, enter this year spring since, the part is holothurian bred an area to appear in succession holothurian swollen mouth, sodden skin, platoon is dirty, do not photograph feed, the disease such as body atrophy and even death, and have certain infectivity, cause a lot of raising to join a specialist panic-stricken, be at a loss what to do, contused badly the enthusiasm of culturist. The author passes investigation analysis, summed up holothurian the main reason that come on, end is the following:
One, the optional location that join a pool is incorrect, build a pool non-standard, bring about water quality to exchange quality difference
In last few years, as a result of holothurian nutrition value tall, economic benefits is considerable, breed handy appropriate to go and manage easily, aroused not little investment business to ignore environment and condition from this, blind optional location invests. Ginseng Chi Jianchi is non-standard also, it is ginseng pool firstly the condition that change water is not expedite, terrain of many cofferdam ginseng pool are rugged, the depth of water inside the pool is differ, 2.0m above is as high as in, low point has 30cm ~ 40cm only, volume of exchange of pool of the ginseng when boiler circulation is few, especially the ginseng pool that shrimp pool rebuilds, originally shrimp pool relief is higher, water level is lower, to achieve holothurian breed aquatics standard, must will dig below the pool, the gate of the water that take a platoon that has pool of a lot of ginseng is hanged in above of 40cm of bottom leaving a pool, when water is exchanged, stay all the time have very deep " lentic " ; It is shrimp secondly Chi Zhujiao is unreasonable, some ginseng pools use stone reef, every moraine is not worth 1.0m, and block is small, span and caboodle are apart from be in of 5m ~ 6m. Some joins Chi Cai to hold putty with textile bag, only 3 bags are built triangularly, span and caboodle are apart from also be in 5m ~ 6m. Return some to use tile to build adult glyph, just began to undertake breed aquatics be shatteringed by tidewater, go against already holothurian perch and cross summer, what go against bottom dwell diatom again is adherent, block up holothurian normal life and photograph feed.
2, disinfection of silt of the Qing Dynasty that join a pool is not complete, bring about water quality rots
A lot of join silt of pool breed aquatics is old and very few Qing Dynasty and disinfection, the holothurian excrement and urine that makes the accumulation on pool bottom and reef very deep, silty with miscellaneous alga, especially the hibernate of microtherm alga classics of pool bottom, summer begins cankered metamorphism after two season, cause a variety of bacterias such as bacterium, mould thereby, affected grow holothurianly normally, bring about holothurian thin and small finally to body loses and come on.
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