Holothurian 10 big diseases prevent and cure
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One: Breed water system to slant Qing Dynasty, lichenous had grown hurry up
Reason: Water system nutrient is lopsided, devoid microelement and must nutrition yuan, algae grows unbalance, water system transparency is too big, bring about holothurian should stimulate response.
Solution: Earth up fat water quality, reduce water system transparency, use in the morning at sunshine.
(1) " essence of 3 effect fat water " 2, 3Kg/ mu rice " compound gemma bacili " 250 grams / mu rice, activation 3, after 5 hours total pool douse.
(2) " essence of 3 effect fat water " 2, 3Kg/ mu rice urea 1 kilogram / mu rice, total pool douse.
(3) be like lichenous and overmuch, can use " lichenous clean " 250g/ mu rice, after lichenous death, use " compound gemma bacili " 250 grams / mu meter
2: Remove chaotic water, reduce ammoniac nitrogen, stabilize water quality
Reason: Pluvial hind brings about ageing of photograph of Chi Shuihun chaotic, alga, material of surplus of water horizontally pivoted hung slants much.
Solution: It is advisable that on sunshine midday is used, can divide a pace to undertake, also can use at the same time.
(1) " holothurian pool bottom is improved activation element " 10 kilogram / mu rice " compound gemma bacili " 250 grams / mu rice;
(2) " water quality clarifier " 0.8, 1.0ppm, total pool douse.
3: Detoxify, eliminate should stimulate response
Reason: Water quality, water is lukewarm, baric change suddenly, what the element such as contaminant, heavy metal, dipping brings about is toxic, should stimulate reaction to wait.
Solution: Can eliminate should stimulate heavy metal of reaction, degradation harm, eliminate the environmental change stimulation that cause.
(1) " divine grass red " 20, 30ppm;
(2) " compound gemma bacili " 250 grams / mu rice " aquatic product is special Vc " 0.5, 1.0Kg/ mu rice, total pool douse.
4, fierce daphnia flinch sufficient kind of insect pest
The pathogeny: Fierce daphnia flinch sufficient thing of kind of pair of holothurian seedling ravin, injury, contention and space, bring about even holothurian be completely annihilated, disastrous.
Symptom: Fierce daphnia flinch sufficient a large number of kind of breed, observe its are photographed even feed holothurian seedling, seedling has disease of disintegrate, slide to wait.
Prevent and cure: "Quick result destroys flea is clever " 0.3, 0.6ppm, use after 3 hours 0.5, 1.0ppm (before dipping half hour douse " water quality clarifier " 0.8, 1.0ppm " high-energy fast oxygen " )
5, rot stomach trouble
The pathogeny: The young breeds density too big, bait expects not because of,beautiful is given priority to, afterwards sends bacterial infection.
Symptom: Deliver level of the young of Yu Er shape more, wall of the young stomach adds thick, coarse, narrow, atrophy to be out of shape, do not expand, strong record, serious when whole stomach produces erosion, cause the young death.
Prevent and cure: (1) add in bait makings " holothurian and special multidimensional " 0.5% " feed a mother to be born " 0.2% " alexipharmic and appetizing medicinal powder " 0.5% " change Pi Ling 2# " 0.05% .
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