European market will be exported to medicine of Asian raw material " bright red
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European pharmacy Joint Industry Conference is offerring application to committee of European Union drug, the demand rises to implement more severe superintendency measure to medicine of all entrance raw material this year.

On European market " Asian player "

Not allow doubt, european medicine market is the world that is next to the United States at present market of the 2nd big medicine, also be the main goal market that the raw material medicine such as China, India exports big country. Because come from raw material medicine of the Asia to have very strong price competition ability, and the price of raw material drug that European this locality produces is higher, reason stems from the test that reduces cost, more and more European preparation manufacturers abandan medicine of local raw material and change in last few years from the Asia (basically be medium, imprint two countries) the raw material drug that entrance preparation production wants. According to not complete count, the medicine of raw material of commonly used antibiotic such as element of Xin Hegong mildew comes from force of Bao of sylvite of G of element of mildew of the gentamicin that European place needs, helix, penicillin, head mostly medium, imprint two countries. And general of paracetamol, aspirin, Buluofen, naphthalene the commonly used anodyne such as unripe, analgin also mostly from which, imprint entrance, plus product of other general drug, estimation Europe manufacturer from which, imprint the breed of raw material medicine that two countries imports has 800 a variety of. Actually, european the drug that uses at present, medicine of its raw material has close half the number about is " Asian player " .

As a result of afflux of a large number of cheap medicine of Asian raw material European market, cause the serious dissatisfaction of business of pharmaceutical factory of European raw material. They think this is a kind of unfair market competition. Because at present European Union (already 25 countries attend) right already the raw material medicine of all member country and preparation manufacturer execute CGMP management and DMF to put on record. The member that committee of European Union drug is sent regularly goes to a manufacturer to selective examination its CGMP carries out a circumstance. To accord with the regulation of the European Union, business of pharmaceutical factory of European raw material throws a large number of capital to undertake to producing a workshop GMP is transformed with operation Training Within Industry. Even if already passed CGMP acceptable manufacturer of drug of European raw material still cannot lax. Last year of committee of European Union drug 100 for many times routine selectives examination in, in all 6 products do not accord with fish CGMP sets and cancel the manufacturing licence of concerned manufacturer. Business of pharmaceutical factory of raw material of all European Union does not have reason is not gingerly have production, for fear that is in next when routine is checked, ban by fish problem by the product with stop production.
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