Excel of quality of grow seedlings of holothurian pot zoology is indoor seedling
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In recent years, coastal waters bottom sows hyperplasia holothurian, build breed ginseng circle, transform those who discard salt field undertakes holothurian breed aquatics with the circle that raise shrimp, the force with which sth breaks out is swift and violent, a large number of holothurian seedlings that its need basically are to buy what go out from Yo of grow seedlings room. But grow seedlings room breeds ginseng seedling to pass live through the winter mostly, cost is higher, and of short duration of long, high density is raised, extremely easy go to the bad, spring live through the winter is holothurian in last few years the seedling dies in great quantities even the phenomenon that horse and foot completes collapse happens from time to tome, disastrous. Grow seedlings of zoology of holothurian and maritime pot is in nature sea area uses pot to have holothurian grow seedlings, live through the winter namely, breed commodity seedling to plant, basically overcame live through the winter of grow seedlings room be short of regret, save cost not only so, and the seedling that breeds is planted have a constitution hale, not easy go to the bad, survival rate is high, receive the characteristic that is bordering on zoology seedling, get broad breed aquatics door love. The author participated in holothurian zoology grow seedlings, live through the winter and nurturance project experiment in last few years, obtained better result, accumulated certain experience, make its operating sequence the following and Baconian summary now, offer reference only.
The choice with thalassic grow seedlings
Water quality is clear, tide is expedite, bait material is rich, suffer storm, tide the impact is little, free from contamination, withered wet depth of water is in at least the bay of 5m above.
Pot is made
Pot norms: Size adventitious, but measure does not pass big, operate otherwise rise no-go, 5m × 4m is more appropriate, pot does not pass deep, general 3m is more appropriate.
Material: Lumber, bobber, polyethylene net, bolting silk net (200 eye, 60 eye, 40 eye) , polyethylene rope, sandbag reachs material of mobile board room.
Make: Norms is the pot of 5m × 4m, horizontal all around be secured with bolt by the lumber of wide 20cm, thick 4cm and become, wooden casing all around underside secures 8 ~10 the diameter is the bobber that is 80cm 30cm, high, make pot is held in the palm in water, mutual join forms many pot type of a pane is discharged child, all these is finished on land. After these jobs are finished, gas of choice fine day uses a boat to will be discharged when full tide child procrastinate beforehand the maritime space of make choice of, and along the platoon child foul line uses cable to secure its in marine pile, compare size pane norms next slightly small netting department is being discharged child pane foul line (namely wooden casing) on, the sandbag that the 4kg on the midpoint place fasten that in netting at the same time the bottom horn all around reachs 4 flank and underside controls makes netting all in water spread out, netting of sandbag weight basis is decided in the case that seawater opens, it is with be being stretched in the round optimum. So maritime pot with respect to make it. In made pot, put apart two pane, it is among them above a pane build load board to serve as workbench, another above the lid regards a worker as living room into mobile room.
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