Low cost of situation of imports and exports of medicine of Chinese raw material
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Occupy an analysis according to computation of national customs all, 2006 Chinese acridine medicine (do not include industrial chemicals and agricultural medicine of medical raw material) amount of imports and exports is ten billion three hundred and forty-six million dollar. Among them, export total is 7.482 billion dollar, grow 22% compared to the same period; Import total is 2.864 billion dollar, grow 5.59% compared to the same period.

Without doubt, chinese acridine medicine on the international market grow, action and importance are more and more remarkable.

Exit of medicine of Chinese raw material showed 6 big characteristics 2006: Medicine of chemical raw material stabilizes growth, natural medicaments extracts content to grow pace to accelerate; Main trade section is in medicine of Chinese raw material Asia, Europe and North America, but the commerce region that latin america makes rapid growth; Of medicine of raw material of China of developed country since purchase a country, also be export goal country, strengthened the market to the developing country to develop in recent years; Medicine of Chinese raw material still heats up demulcent medicine with antibiotic, organic acid, vitamin, amino acid, solution this is given priority to big kinds 5; Manufacturing company is self-supporting exit takes the main aspect, the action of the trading company is transforming; More important is, dominant position of industry of drug of Chinese raw material and inferior position position are occurrent change, low cost already no longer character advantage, environmental protection strength, own intellectual property has those who make progress of industry of drug of influence raw material the biggest bottleneck.

A large amount of raw material medicine still are main export product

Acridine medicine line of the products is numerous, add medicaments of the body before chemical is mixed as intermediate body, the amount is more huge, classification is very complex.

Differentiate according to them on application with compound structure, antibiotic, organic acid, vitamin, amino acid, solution heats up demulcent medicine this is China 5 kinds big drug of the oldest exit raw material. 2006, insulin kind, amino acid kind, haemal products, plant is extraction content, mellow kind of medicaments the body intermediate relatively exported the forehead to grew scale to exceed 50% 2005.

On applied domain, except curative content, replenishers of nutrient additive, feed additive, food kind the heat product that makes exit.

Natural medicaments extracts content exit to go up situation if rainbow

Medicine of 3 kinds of raw material (among medicine of chemical raw material biochemistry of body, biology kind medicaments, natural medicaments extracts content) in exit, body still holds the most powerful dominant position among medicine of chemical raw material, amount and amount gross held absolutely proportion. Be worth what carry is, the exit forehead increase rate of content of natural medicaments extraction was achieved 51.92% , it is kinds of big product with growth top range. China has the advantage that natural medicaments develops, accordingly, the development of Chinese crude product in the international market potential is very considerable.
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