Low cost of situation of imports and exports of medicine of Chinese raw material
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Developing country market remains develop

In medicine of Chinese raw material export trade forehead amounts to intermediate body in the country of above of ten million dollar, the exit forehead of 10 countries such as Israel, Colombia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates compared to the same period increase rate exceeds 50% . Majority of these 10 countries is Asia and American developing country.

Among them, nigeria is medicine of Chinese raw material in Africa the oldest raw material drug exports purpose nation, exit forehead increase rate is adjacent last year 90% .

Chinese Hong Kong is one of exit channel with important inland, but the export trade forehead 2006 dropped however 32% . This explained home exports channel already hasten diversity, cause the entrepot trade amount that carries Hong Kong to drop somewhat.

Japan, Canada is medicine of Chinese raw material country of main export goal, but body amount dropped respectively among the raw material medicine of Chinese exit two countries 2006 5% with 3% .

Self-supporting exit takes manufacturing company the mainstream

The whole nation involved the exit orgnaization of acridine medicine to share many 5000 2006, among them, year exit forehead is in of above of dollar of 1 ten million have many 150, zhejiang medicine Inc. is in numerous enterprise with year exit forehead get a good lead of 150 million dollar, zhejiang is mixed newly Inc. , Anhui Inc. of chemistry of Feng Yuansheng content, Shandong is new China year of exit forehead of pharmacy Inc. reach 100 million dollar.

In exit the forehead precedes in the enterprise, in order to run the manufacturing company of a large amount of products self-supporting exit be in the majority, company of the production after showing trade advantageous position is opened has stronger export capacity, go up in the international trade of a large amount of raw material medicine especially, the self-supporting export dominant position that produces a business is apparently strong at the trading company. The opportunity that produces an enterprise to go up in international trade is increasing also, the initiative of development exit channel is stronger.

The part of the trading company is transforming, development of its international market and service appear more important accordingly. Probably, the management pattern gift that will take trading company and manufacturing cartel only henceforth produces respective advantage quite.

Advantage and inferior position produce change

Domestic and international industrial structure change, policy directs with industry of drug of Chinese raw material development has immediate concern, affecting the climate that industry of raw material drug will grow henceforth. A few China's peculiar dominant position, chasing scumble to change now, become even restrict an element.

Global industry catenary transfers the international market sales volume of a large amount of the base that made China raw material medicine to soar, demand exceeds supply even, for example penicillin kind, the analgesia that solve heat kind, water-solubility vitamin kind. This brought an opportunity to China, one batch relies on scope effect to obtain the person that the enterprise of profit makes benefit with a large amount of raw material medicine, in the meantime, extend product cable length, add downstream product additional cost becomes these companies next profit point of growth. The addition of custom-built production is the contract those manage content of perfect, technology tall innovation in the order that miniature enterprise brought usury embellish and long-term stability.
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