Medicine of Shandong province raw material lasts proportion of increase producti
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Save classics trade according to Shandong appoint statistical analysis, shandong febrifuge, antibiotic, fight blood-vessel of head of tumor medicine, heart to wait for raw material medicine to last with Dong of Nuo of medicine, Kui increase production.

Good as a result of form a complete set of industrial chemicals of Shandong province base, productivity is big, haul the production that move and ensured acridine medicine effectively. Shandong saved medicine of 24 kinds of big chemical raw material to crop is achieved or exceed 20 tons 2006, house whole nation the first, export specific gravity to exceed 50% among them. Among them the product output such as acid of Pai of analgin, Bi all is home the first. Bao of benzyl of ammonia of hydroxide of Bao of benzyl of ammonia of Bao of Lin of Zun of Bao of laborious of Fu of Bao of head Bao Qu Song, head, head, head, head, head pulls Ding, head Bao is overcome collect waited for medicine of antibiotic raw material to also form new scale.