Price of drug of near future Vietnam rises ceaselessly half the number needs an
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Value of market of drug of near future Vietnam rises ceaselessly, western medicine price is compared at the beginning of this year January rose on average 10-20% , a lot of medicines and chemical reagents rise in price nearly 1 times. Go up among them the biggest is heart and vessels of antibiotic, antiphlogistic medicine, cure the medicines and chemical reagents such as ill medicine, sedative. Go up commonly in 30% above, some exceeds 100% . Medical company says, because pharmacy raw material rises in price, drug price still will continue to rise.

Brilliant light weighs undersecretary of Vietnam Ministry of Public Health, turnover of Vietnam medicines and chemical reagents will amount to 1 billion dollar 2008, predicted to amount to 1.4 billion dollar 2010. Half the number of Vietnam medicines and chemical reagents counts an import, homebred 2006 medicines and chemical reagents can satisfy home only the market demand of 49.7% , predict this scale can be achieved 2010 60% .

The report says, according to World Health Organization (WHO) assess, the process capability index of Vietnam drug industry can produce common drug namely for 2.5-3(and can export) of a few medicines and chemical reagents, only 75 Vietnam pharmaceutical factory reachs GMP attestation level.