Statistical data shows situation of exit of medicine of our country raw material
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Chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports newest data shows, in last few years exit of medicine of our country raw material maintains high speed growth all the time, before this year 8 months export the forehead to already amounted to 8.86 billion dollar, 56.3% what hold export of all medicine product; Medical the total exit forehead of dressing also reachs 1.505 billion dollar. Compared to the same period data is annual of raw material medicine exported the specified number 2005 7.9 billion dollar, 2006 annual 10.6 billion dollar.

Zhou Xiaoming of chairman of chamber of commerce points out, industry of drug of our country raw material is in hold export while high speed grows, also face a lot of pressure. Exit drawback led next mediating that the RMB appreciates to raise the management cost of exit enterprise, certain level weakened the competitive dominant position in the international market; On the other hand branch of national medicine inspect is preparing the quality of exit medicines and chemical reagents with new formulate to run way, this somehow admiral accelerates a country adept job is new round shuffling. Code on the level, since January 1 " pharmacy industry pollutant discharge standard " begin formally already to carry out, will produce very big effect to look forward to of raw material medicine at the appointed time. Zhou Xiaoming still introduces, the start working rate of domestic medicine enterprise is only since this year 50% the left and right sides, medical industry is new round annex recombines to also had begun, the medium and small businesses with good nevertheless target of low, technology will be faced with a few productivity henceforth fall into disuse.