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Do production of your every annual meeting or the compound that export 1 ton of above arrive European Union market? If your answer is affirmative, so you must arrive on June 1 this year the ECHA orgnaization that the European Union goes to between December 1 undertakes be registereded beforehand registering to your product, otherwise ECHA next year exports those who authority suspends you business, the ability after finishing this formalities till you can resume your business.

Why be REACH act?

Chinese drug group hears the European Union has proposed law of a REACH already, and know it will affect the business that it will export an European Union henceforth, but is REACH act after all how one and the same? How will it affect itself again the business henceforth? Managers of a lot of medical look forward to still are water of a mist to this. To know the REACH proposed law that how answers an European Union better, we are necessary to make clear the Hunan a few basic common sense about it. Above all, what REACH represents is an enrollment to chemical (Registration) , evaluate (Evaluation) , accredit (Authorisation Of Chemicals) act. This proposed law was started formally in Europe on June 1, 2007. The European Union calls ECHA to carried out this act to hold water technically in Finnish capital Helsinki (European Chemicals Agency) orgnaization, this orgnaization comes to European Union accredit full-fledged member is in charge of REACH act carry out and supervise the work.

Why does the European Union want formulate this act? Is it a new technical barrier? Actually, the effect of REACH act exceeds camp of so called technology far. Will tell from big field, REACH act has 4 big functions: The first, of act carry out chemical of will apparent shrinkage to be opposite human health and the influence that pollute to the environment; The 2nd, chemical of act general protection is mixed in the free trade of country of European Union member current; The 3rd, the economic pillar industry that act will help Europe from policy level -- chemical course of study retains competition ability on the international market; The 4th, the import that carries pair of a few dangerous chemical restricts strategy, make development of relevant production business endanger lesser chemical production methods.

What should you pay close attention to?

What does medicine of body, raw material produce an enterprise to should pay close attention to after all now among the Chinese medicine that regards exit as the European Union? ECHA plans to began to start its to register a system beforehand in the round on June 1, 2008, to in those days, the each country of all compound that mention on ECHA list produces manufacturer to all legal responsibility submits relevant product record to ECHA. The company that should export the chemical amount of the European Union every year to exceed 1 ton only belongs to need to present the target of product archives. The potential harm sex that the purpose that ECHA lets an enterprise submit record depends on supervising an enterprise to whether already understood him product and how to control these ventures. In registering record, the produces business and them Europe importer of world each country people must prove to ECHA they already were clear that him product is in the risk of respect of healthy, environmental protection, and already formulate gave effective control method.
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