March look forward to of medicine of Wuhan of market of drug of Korea raw materi
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9 days, company of a famous pharmacy comes Korea Chinese, big great of preparation and Wuhan fierce yuan Inc. signs medicine of amino acerbity raw material to purchase an agreement. Korea KDMF attestation produces industry technology and administrative demand to raw material medicine very tall, industry of domestic amino acid unmanned all the time breakthrough. This action is indicating Wuhan enterprise breaks through international technology camp first, become the first to eat " crab " person.

Wuhan fierce big great yuan Liu Shengxiang of Inc. vise general manager expresses, this year on December 4, the carboxyl armour that this company produces manages calm passes attestation of KDMF of bureau of Korea medicine inspect, broke through camp of developed country technology first, changed homebred and amino acid and its ramification kind product can wait for low end with industrial chemicals only the history that the form exports.

Liu Shengxiang says, after passing KDMF attestation, can sell drug of raw material of high additional cost to Korea enterprise directly, the profit of at least 50% is extracted by middleman no longer, at present Wu Dahong yuan carboxyl armour Si Tan occupies Korea about 70% markets share, and as a result of Korea medicine inspect bureau and American FDA are mixed European Union medicine superintends the autograph such as manage orgnaization to each other identifies an agreement, the calm of carboxyl armour department of this company returns hopeful to march with form of raw material medicine the market such as the United States and European Union.

In the meantime, the other product of this company still passed American silent to overcome pharmacy, Whitworth pharmacy to wait for the spot audit of look forward to of foreign famous medicine in recent years, become supplier of batch of medicine of its raw material formally already.

As we have learned, wu Dahong yuan be by east the lake is achieved cast, inside Wuhan university and city appear on the market the science and technology that the associated investment such as the company establishs medium and small businesses. Come a few years, in national science and technology the help of innovation fund falls, change product of project of national research and development to the industry development stage by stage. Current, this company product year sale already crossed 100 million yuan, became a science and technology that provides actual strength quite company.