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Animal drug produces quality to manage normative examination to check and accept
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chapter general principles
The first to drive " management of quality of animal drug production is normative " (GMP of drug of animal of the following abbreviation) carry out, examination of GMP of normative animal drug checks and accept the job, make this way.
The 2nd Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of management of GMP of countrywide animal drug and examination checking and accept the job; Be in charge of making edit examination of animal drug GMP checks and accept management to set; Team of censor of GMP of responsible animal drug is built and control administrative job, each other of the GMP in trade of drug of responsible international animal knows the work.
Department of administration of vet of pasturage of government of the 3rd provincial people is in charge of this administration examination of GMP of drug of animal of the application inside area is acceptable the first trial that produces a business works, be in charge of GMP of drug of the animal inside area of politics of one's own profession grooming, business guidance, day-to-day supervisory management and dog the examination works.

The 2nd chapter is declared with examine
The 4th is built, rebuild, extend and the company of animal drug production that undertake GMP is transformed are reached
Build, rebuild, the animal drug that extend and GMP transform animal drug to produce a workshop produces a business, ought to put forward examination of animal drug GMP to check and accept application by the regulation.
Build animal to produce a business with biological product must preparing to construct forward the Ministry of Agriculture is referred prepare to construct application report, after classics approval, GMP of the medicine that press animal asks to design and be built.
Check of GMP of drug of the 5th application animal checks the company that control to ought to fill in by the regulation " animal drug
GMP checks application form " (see an appendix 1) , send by newspaper of the following requirement written reach electronic documentation triplet of each one type:
() the business that builds enterprise and new increase production to taste the form of a drug
Report of 1. project approving, project approves file and company general situation;
2. plans to produce animal drug category, the form of a drug and catalogue item;
3. company origanization construction pursues (must make clear departmental door name, controller, function and correlation) ;
Resume of 4. company controller, branch chief; Major technology personnel and production, examine,
The staff member registration form such as storage (include literacy rate, record of formal schooling, title to wait) , indicate place branch and post; The scale circumstance list that personnel of tall, medium, primary technology takes faculty;
Environment of 5. enterprise periphery pursues; Total plane arranges a plan; Storage plane arranges a plan; Plane of quality inspection place decorates graph and instrument equipment to arrange a plan;
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