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Stock raising of 2008 Hua Dong area and feed industry exposition

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Invitation letter

One, Introductive

2 007 year in April, in various government and branch support energetically below " exposition of 2007 stock raising of Hua Dong area " in Yangzhou international exhibition center opens, he Xintian of secretary of Party committee of terminal of countrywide pasturage vet, jiangsu saves aricultural hall hall to grow Liu Liren, article of swallow of king of vice secretary of Yangzhou municipal Party committee, mayor, ji Chunming of Yangzhou city deputy mayor and other leader and honored guest attended an opening ceremony, many 300 enterprise that comes from countrywide each district is participated in this second exhibit meeting, exhibit an area to make an appointment with 15 thousand square metre, tired write down 50 thousand much more professional audience to join black horse this second exhibition, exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 500 million yuan, offerred for poultry industry reveal platform capaciously, promoted the development of industry of poultry of Hua Dong area effectively.

Current exhibit can aim to make have " those who extend meeting influence is the extensive sex that the authority that the government sponsors, ginseng exhibits travelling merchant, national " brand sex is exhibited meeting, will continue to exhibit syndicate of service limited company by develop of bureau of Yangzhou city agriculture, Beijing head, got Jiangsu province and industry of poultry of circumjacent province city are in charge of a branch further support energetically. Will hold to previous term or session 8 years to extend the good way of the meeting, increase organization and propagandist strength, offer a product to commercialize for poultry industry, industrialization and begin collaboration of international economy technology reveal and trade platform, the stock raising brand that makes China have dimensions and force most with all one's strength is exhibited meeting.

Machine of hold a conference or consultation of Hua Dong pasturage is infinite, market potential is tremendous, invite sincerely you to join in current exposition, start the market in all, postpone grand plan in all.

"Firework · is delicate in March Yangzhou " await respectively your presence! !

2, Origanization construction

Support an unit: Government of Yangzhou city people

Sponsor an unit: Beijing of bureau of Yangzhou city agriculture head develop exhibition serves limited company

Undertake unit: Exhibition of Beijing head develop serves pasturage of bureau of agriculture of city of limited company Yangzhou to be in

Assist run an unit: Hua Dongliu saves association of feed of Beijing of association of industry of one city feed

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