Aquatic product of Spring Festival of 2008 China skerry is purchased order goods
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Showpiece time: 2007-12-1 applies for to end to 2007-11-3: 2007-11-30 cycle: 1 year / establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The public exhibits meeting area: International exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Shandong province flourish becomes town of fishing of north of fishing port of island of a unit of dry measure for grain to be able to exhibit a center to exhibit industry: Ginseng extend range: 1, all sorts of fresh, ice are bright, refrigerant, souse, dry make wait for aquatic product. 2, food of aquatic product of all sorts of essence, deep treatment. 3, aquiculture equipment, aquatic product machines machinery; The equipment that pack; 4, of all sorts of aquatic product pack, presswork, treatment things; 5, fishing needs goods and materials; Fisher fishing machine; 6, other supply relevant project with aquatic product Spring Festival. Sponsor square:

Chinese market learns
Shandong saves flourish to become city people government

Undertake square:

The water in Beijing assist limited company of science and technology
Shandong saves Inc. of northward fishing town

Assist do square:

Chamber of commerce of aquatic product of countrywide business association
Seawater produces guild on
Shandong saves ocean and piscatorial bureau
Fujian Province aquatic product is current with treatment association
Content of Asia-Pacific aquatic product sheds trade association

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Exhibit meeting preface:
Aquatic product of Chinese skerry Spring Festival is purchased order goods healthy progress can lay in various participation and support, 2007 order goods can have come from the fishery such as China, United States, Canada, Russia, Norwegian, Korea, Japan more than 3000 of big country purchase business to look around ginseng exhibit, visiting audience amounts to on 10 thousand people; Exhibit during the meeting a few provincial famous the press if " masses daily " , " Qi Lu evening paper " , " power sea daily " etc and CCTV economy channel, phoenix is defended inspect, Shandong is defended inspect, power sea TV station all be opposite order goods, the conference obtained more satisfactory result; Exhibit of the meeting professional reach what develop to the industry to drive the accord that got each reputably, be saved by Shandong municipal government of government, power sea and flourish are judged into municipal government for " the key gives aid to exhibition project " .
Communicate at industry of global aquatic product, stimulative commerce to serve better, promote more high grade products to the international market, the water in Beijing assist hold again below the support that limited company of science and technology reachs the unit such as guild of Shanghai aquatic product in chamber of commerce of aquaculture of countrywide business association " aquatic product of Chinese skerry Spring Festival was purchased 2008 order goods meeting " the corresponding period is held " exhibition of skerry seafood cate " , the hope has more enterprises and industry sex organization to participate in collaboration, develop jointly.
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