2008 Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) international aquatic product and treatment machi
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2008 Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) international aquatic product and treatment machinery exhibition
Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition (VIETFISH 2008)
(Vietnam year is only food of authoritative aquatic product and treatment machinery major are exhibited)

Hold time: On June 12, 2008 to on June 14
Hold a place: Vietnam international exhibition center of Hu Zhiming city
Sponsor an unit: Agriculture of country of Vietnam of ministry of fishery of more austral home and rural development department
Undertake unit: Trade of agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture of more austral home promotes a center
Guild of treatment of Vietnam aquatic product and exit (VASEP)
Support an unit: Hu Zhiming of Vietnam of municipal government of Vietnam Hu Zhiming city agriculture and hall of farming material progress
Association of American aquatic product (NFI) Singapore aquatic product and industrial association (SIAS)
ASEAN aquiculture couplet is round (AAF) Vietnam commerce and industry are promoted appoint can meet (VCCI)
Chinese flutter acts as agent: Business affairs center is jumped over in - business affairs limited company can be exhibited in jumping over
Action business supports an unit: Socialistic republic is stationed in Vietnam China embassy commerical department
Predicting dimensions: 350 are exhibited, have come from more than 10 countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, China, United States, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Holand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area. Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) international aquatic product and treatment machinery exhibition (abbreviation VIET FISH) it is Vietnam and even southeast Asia the aquatic product that provides force most is professional exhibit one of meetings. From 1998 Vietnam aquatic product is machined with exit guild (VASEP) hold water to already came, should exhibit the meeting is annual be in at coming 14 days on June 12 success of Hu Zhiming city holds Vietnam.
Exhibit brief introduction: Vietnam international aquatic product and treatment machinery exhibition are Vietnam dimensions is the the biggest, most authoritative with the aquatic product that provides force most only
Sex of course of study is exhibited one of meetings, it is Chinese enterprise purchases Vietnam aquatic product and recommend carry on aquatic product to machine refrigerating equipment, offer breed a technology optimal way.
Vietnam market looks into: Vietnam has the coasting with 3260 endless kilometers. Vietnam has about 1 ten million mu water area is comfortable at developing aquiculture, at present till already developed 10% among them. Unit of treatment of existing aquatic product of Vietnam whole nation is at present close 500, productivity makes an appointment with 5000 tons everyday. The crop of Vietnam aquiculture course of study achieved 1.4 million tons 2005, among them the crop of all sorts of fish is nine hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred tons, shrimp is 330 thousand tons, other aquatic product is one hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred tons. 2006, exit of Vietnam sea product is 2.8 billion dollar about. At present area of aquiculture of Vietnam whole nation makes an appointment with 1.1 million hectare, aquatic product total output achieves 1.488 million tons. Exit of Vietnam aquatic product discharges the world the 7th, main export market is: Country of middle east of etc of Japan, United States, China, European Union, Russia. Main export product amounts to 300 thousand tons for refrigerant fish, refrigerant shrimp wait for other sea product 100 thousand tons. 2006 year amount of Vietnam exit aquatic product jumps since May, chinese businessman buys crab of grouper, sea, prawn and the sea product such as all sorts of shellfish from Vietnam through ground of edge trade big batch, only from Guangxi the import volume of each port achieves 500 tons everyday. To 2008, vietnam will be opposite 484 kinds China the custom duty that exports a product falls for 0, with fulfilling its are opposite China, east alliance is comprehensive all relevant acceptance in economic collaboration. This will promote Vietnam produce and aquatic product to be opposite greatly China exit. Especially annual when China enters closed season, vietnam aquatic product is right China the condition that exit will take climate favourable geographical position.
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