2008 China (sunshine) exposition of fishery of An Dongwei international
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Can extend time: On May 18, 2008, 20 day
Can exhibit a place: City of aquatic product of An Dongwei international can exhibit China center
Sponsor an unit: Chamber of commerce of aquaculture of federation of industry and commerce
Shandong province ocean and piscatorial hall
Undertake unit: Sunshine city ocean and fishery bureau
Sunshine city haze government of a mountainous area people
Assist run an unit: Undertake carry out: Beijing China is connected collect sunshine of ad limited company branch
Look mark locates: Medium above major can extend mobile theme: Commerce of stimulative aquatic product and invest
One, preface (general situation)
China is big country of fishery and aquiculture, have rich marine resource. And Shandong is big province of our country fishery, having capacious ocean and inland water area, piscatorial natural resources is very substantial. In recent years, shandong saves the geographical advantage that makes full use of to be saved originally, develop laky fishery and coastal aquaculture energetically, begin the industrialization development of admirable aquiculture breed in the round, feed of aquatic product of environmental protection of big thrust wide green and without aquatic product of social effects of pollution, increase the finish machining of aquatic product and deep treatment, established set demonstrative garden of large fishery science and technology and base of aquatic product exit, and adjust measures to local conditions, built the sea product with river the oldest north to trade center, city of aquatic product of Chinese An Dongwei international. At the opportunity, hold this trade grand meeting, inevitable contain is worn tremendous market potential and infinite business chance.
City of aquatic product of Shandong An Dongwei international is located in haze a mountainous area to the south of 204 nations line, road of haze hill evacuation of cargoes from port with north. Always invest 500 million yuan, floor area 290 thousand square metre, it is one of the throughout the country's most important sea product distribution centre, year trade the forehead can amount to 10 billion above. This project deploys an electron to trade area, treatment store division, deserve to send over-the-counter trading area, form a complete set to serve an area to wait for area of 4 big functions, share many 600 high-grade trade shop, 3000 many trade center of 100 thousand tons of stall, storage and a certain number of refrigerated transport cars. Among them the can exhibit a center to will be demand of home, international market information of 50 thousand square metre is transmitted, add commerce channel, extend commercial space.
Sunshine regards our country as famous haven city, lie between sea facies to look with Japanese Korea, element has " southern north, northward south " beautiful praise. In the meantime, sunshine traffic is very convenient, own 3 railroad two freeways, and row " 10 big haven cities of Chinese " one of, conduct of all kinds economic and trade activity here, having extremely strong economy radiant emitance. Exhibit what can save the unit such as ocean of city of chamber of commerce of aquaculture of federation of industry and commerce of whole nation of ocean and piscatorial hall, China, sunshine and piscatorial bureau in Shandong this to support energetically below, the professional user that will invite each district of international and home extensively at the appointed time comes round to look around negotiate, aim to strengthen the communication of group of domestic and international fishery and cooperation, product of fishery of stimulative our country moves toward the world, also provide arrange with medium of communication to introduce new technology, new product, new facility, exhibit travelling merchant to build meticulously to enclothe wide, consequence for broad ginseng big, professional platform of strong large business affairs.
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