Exposition of aquatic product of international of the 3rd 2008 power seas
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Invitation letter
Theme: Environmental • is marine • science and technology
Time: On June 24, 2008, 26 day
Place: Center of exhibition of power sea international
Sponsor an unit: Government office of civil administration of person of power sea city
Chinese piscatorial association
Chinese aquatic product is current with treatment association
Undertake unit: 10 thousand dragon can extend power of great capacity limited company
Power sea is achieved power meeting exhibits limited company
Assist run an unit: Guild of fishing gear of plane of Chinese fisher fishing
Abroad assist do: Japanese harbor news agency
Town of Japanese Osaka fishing
Taiwan province revive bay area fishing is met
Congress adviser: Inc. of good n/COL the head of a family group
Peaceful auspicious group
Limited company of group of eaves king of power sea city
Provision of Shandong be good at person limited company of science and technology
Folaisi international investment firm
Supportive media
Chinese aquatic product. Food of China and foreign countries of edge of antenatal of water of commerce of Chinese aquatic product and package machine China and foreign countries can exhibit glue east flue of China of net of commerce of fishery of China of net of fishery of Japan of news of MINATO of aquatic product Japan fishing of China of flue of south of net of southern aquatic product of China of net of business affairs of food of China of net of commerce of aquatic product of China of farming rich net
Exhibit can introduce
China is big country of the world's greatest fishery and aquiculture, also be the main exits and entrance of world aquatic product and treatment country. And in recent years, power sea city expands the new situation that face, new job according to marine fishery, with product of implantation famous brand, improve power sea aquatic product famous spend and consequence is a target, develop brand fishery energetically, got favorable result. The figure of power sea aquatic product and famous degree had very big rise, effectively promoted economy of whole town fishery continuously healthy progress, maintain the whole nation to precede the position made important contribution for Shandong fishery.
Rely on power sea and even Shandong's solid property base to reach draw near Han Ri's area advantage, power sea held fair of aquatic product of international of two power seas successfully. On the first 120 foundation that much home exhibits business to attend, exposition of aquatic product of international of the 2nd power sea was to get very n/COL the head of a family group, Tai Xiang group, house more the bibcock of domestic and international aquatic product such as GFT of group of Wang Ji group, be good at person and company limited of Japanese aquatic product, United States of the enterprise support energetically, install each type to exhibit in all more than 200, professional audience and purchase business to come from Japan, Korea, United States, Russia respectively, the country such as Si Tan of Vietnam, Kazakstan.
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