French international food was exhibited 2008
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Exhibition time;2008-10-1 comes 2008-10-3
Can exhibit dimension of outskirt of north of place; Paris to strap a class to exhibit a center
Sponsor unit; France to love rich exhibition group
Undertake unit: Xing of this Tao Ti of bite of  of actinium of ┫ colour the foot of mountain as kind of sweet grass  ?

Ginseng extend range
Additive agent for food, dressing, cooked food, milk products, egg product, meat products and bloat goods, fresh pork kind with bowel kind, greens of product of fresh fowl and game, sea, Xian Guo, fruit works and dehydration vegetable, sweetmeats, biscuit, biscuit.
Postpone meeting introduction:
Since international food exhibits France to be held from 1964, the big thrust that shows a group in international love rich is moved fall to develop gradually make food industry whole world the famousest exhibit meeting. Should exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 20 more than square metre, 3 exhibit a house to exhibit technically the product of each countries and area; The exhibition area of a professional French various places; 15 areas lie between distinct line of the products to exhibit an area. Exhibited 2008 can predict to will have a whole world 5 of 100 many countries, the product that many 300 ginseng exhibits business attends a meeting ginseng exhibit. The Sial this year is exhibited still set " food industry new trend and innovatory area " will reveal global food to consume the product with trend and food newest industry. Will have 60 at the appointed time many countries, exceed 1, 400 journalist pass TV, broadcasting station, professional media to wait to be able to make special report and promotion to exhibiting.
Group postpone orgnaization introduction
Among them certain exhibit meeting brand celebrated already world, those who got international is accepted: If EMBALLAGE packs a technology to exhibit, SIAL food is exhibited, SIMA agriculture is exhibited and INTERMAT project machine is exhibited.
Group of exhibition love rich is France group of the biggest media breaths out gas (HAVAS) subsidiary. This media group resides France inside the following domain the first: Commercial the press, commonweal the press, press (if pull Lu Si publishing house famously) with multimedia. Group of exhibition love rich uses group company's peculiar on media dominant position, development becomes major to exhibit the market to have the orgnaization that leads sexual status.
Market background:
The turnover of European retail trade is as high as 1.705 trillion euro
Is specified number of trade of the meal outside global family as high as 280 billion euro?
Produce the commerce between business to grow quickly (grow extent every year to be as high as 6%-10% ) ?
2004 the European Union will add 10 members country newly, make the dimensions of this market rises to 480 million consumer?
Produce and food industry are the biggest industry of the European Union, 2001, does its annual produce amount to 626 billion euro?
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