2008 China (Zhejiang) international fishery exposition
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2008 China (Zhejiang) international fishery exposition is China's most influential aquatic product commerce is exhibited one of. Should exhibit for countrywide dimensions the oldest aquatic product is exhibited, the business chance after exhibiting has market index sex extremely. Assemble inside the aquatic product industry of the whole world buy the home and sell the home, it is industry business maintains global aquatic product to already had a client, show new product, search buy the home newly, evaluate an industry to develop trend and the most efficient way that dig trade news.
Should exhibit can hold every year, every are attracting the aquatic product that comes from world each district, food to produce business and professional trade public figure, it is the good place that the client connection, product that order builds each other in food industry and communication grand meeting. The entrance that exhibits the person that can strict control looks around standard, assured to join exhibit business to be able to be here organic meeting and etc much buy the home truely to have speak to sb face to face. The newest aquatic product that predicts to exhibited meeting general to more than 300 ginseng that comes from the whole world exhibits a Trade Fair to show his 2008, food and relevant equipment.
According to organizing committee statistic, shared many 300 enterprise that comes from 20 countries to attend this to exhibit meeting, include product research, cent is sold, the supermarket is retail, treatment and processing, the domain such as imports and exports, attracted come from the whole world 30 thousand professional audiences of 50 many countries. The director of the person that look around that has 84% among them is purchased, the person look around of 76% found new product, the person look around of 61% is in exhibited meeting hind to make purchase a plan. In the person that look around entirely, business of imports and exports is occupied 44% , cent sells business to occupy 37% , treatment business is occupied 28% , supermarket, shopkeeper is occupied 14% , food service industry is occupied 10% .
This exhibiting can strive to make Asia and world famous exhibit with authoritative professional aquatic product. China (Zhejiang) international fishery exposition will develop ceaselessly with expand, it is infuse of mart of trade of world aquatic product not only opportunity of survival, it is to be our country aquatic product more treatment, breed, feed, rigid business and world join structural frame the bridge of a commerce.
Will collect product of domestic and international famous aquiculture, new of great capacity / aquatic product, refrigerant sea / aquatic product, use feed, aquatic product without fishing of social effects of pollution the large-scale production jobber such as organization of company of technology of treatment, processing, new breed and equipment, foreign trade, institute and purchase the industry such as business, contain each link of catenary of industry of draw together aquatic product as far as possible. At roiling on with full force of market of global aquatic product during, and the trade information that you can use least expenditure to be able to get you want inside the shortest time however and effective business chance. Can not laugh how see wind and cloud, carry preparing tents at curtain between, excel a thousand li definitely besides.
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