The 3rd China International (Xiamen) piscatorial exposition
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The corresponding period is held " aquatic product purchases congress "

Time: 220~22 day ground nodded 8 years in September:  of beat up of younger sister of discharge  は sails? of happy travel of Mei Qin appraise

Sponsor an unit
Fujian Province ocean and fishery bureau

Undertake unit

Treatment of Fujian Province aquatic product is current association
Century business affairs is exhibited to show limited company in mansion retail sales

Program arrangement
Cloth extends time: September 2008 18 ~ 19 day
Congress kicks off: On September 20, 2008 9: 00
Showpiece time: September 2008 20 ~ 22 day
Remove extend time: On September 22, 2008 14: 00

Join exhibit a place

Center of exhibition of conference of international of Chinese · Xiamen

Ginseng extend range
1.Aquatic product: All sorts of aquatic product are vivid, bright, aspic, dry article (wait like fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, eel, alga) , dry goods of aquatic product food, aquatic product, bloat fume can of goods, aquatic product, fish rotten / handicraft of oar, marine biological product, marine health food, dressing, aquatic product.
2.Breed reach device: Weak, seawater breed aquatics (wait like fry, pearl) , kind all sorts of modelling of community of seedling, zoology, precious are rare aquatic; Breed administrative technique to wait; Pump of block establishment, pot, pool, breed pool of automation equipment and instrument, fishing to use add lukewarm reach thermostat equipment, water quality to purify disinfection system, water quality detects reach an analysis processing of zoology of the instrument, system that add oxygen, water area, breed pollution control and processing.
3.Processing technique reachs device: Essence of life (deep) processing technique and whole set of equipment, refrigerant treatment, last technology and equipment, ark of ice machine, ice, aquatic product packs material and equipment, of all kinds testing instrument to wait.
4.Catching technology reachs equipment: Catching technology, deep-sea fishing, fish the things on shipping, boat, marine instrument equipment, say to weigh the equipment, navigation that aid fishing and communication technology equipment to wait.
5.Feed reachs fishing drug: Makings of aquatic product feed, bait, additive, water quality is improved agent, feed is mechanical; Prevention and cure of fishing medicine, disease, diagnose, analytic technology.
6.Recreational fishery reachs fishing fishing tackle: The sea, fresh water views and admire fish, aquatic pet and things; Of all kinds fishing rod (hand pole, sea pole) , general fishing tackle and fittings.
7.Content sheds service and technology: Company of content shedding service, cold storage and refrigerant carriage car (boat) reach content to shed software to wait.

Visiting masses
1. Mail directly: To countrywide each district company of marine fishery bureau, fishery, farm, aquatic product machines enterprise, marine food to produce aquatic product of agency of personage of orgnaization of enterprise, scientific research, institution of higher learing, lab and lab, science and technology, representative, produce each are terminal market, big hotel of class of supermarket, star, advanced purchase business to wait give out.
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