2008 China (Ning Bo) international views and admire fish and fair of aquatic ani
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International of peaceful wave of China of first peaceful wave views and admire fish and fair of aquatic animals trade, in Zhejiang province government and the support that view and admire piscine association with international fall, with aquatic product of association of fishery of government of people of peaceful wave city, China, China the society views and admire chamber of commerce of aquaculture of federation of industry and commerce of piscine branch, whole nation, Ning Bo center of international conference exhibition participates in collaboration jointly, international of rich of peaceful wave sea exhibits limited company to carry out, the guild outside having a state and commerce promote an orgnaization to be organized in coordination, in April 2008 26-28 day is in center of exhibition of conference of Ning Bo international to hold. Exhibition aims to promote communication of the industry between international and classics trade dealings, the recreational fishery industry with development China vast area.
As the ceaseless development that market economic system reforms, supply demand relations of domestic aquatic product produces major change, the external environment that joins system of new ocean of WTO and world to build to get used to the new requirement that develops level and our country, in facing fishery to develop a process " resource conserve " with food safety " two big questions, our country government advances piscatorial structure energetically strategical adjust, it is with the market oriented, with science and technology innovation is motivation, facilitate hard new economic point of growth, develop the new field that fishery develops ceaselessly. In this one process, develop ceaselessly according to society of our country economy, people living standard rises increasingly, the case that increasing appearance turns corporeal culture demand, develop energetically recreational, view and admire fishery, already became a when extend our country fishery to develop new field serious content. In view and admire fishery to go up, our country since views and admire the country with piscine the earliest breed aquatics, it is cosmopolitan view and admire a fish -- the birthplace of goldfish. In last few years of our country viewed and admire fishery to appear to develop momentum newly, view and admire a fish to push forward of home of civilian common people, become broad masses most one of pet that like. And fishery is viewed and admire on the world at present with annual the speed of 10 % is in show quickly long, the family that England has the family of 14 % , United States to the family of 15 % , Japan has 16 % is pet to be in with viewing and admire a fish raise. No matter be home,still be abroad currently, viewing and admire fishery is development is popular, goldfish, bright and beautiful carp, tropical fish is having vast development space, and a sightseeing and travel fishery are development of tourism of current our country more important facet, also having quite big market. Huge market demand brings infinite business chance for relevant enterprise!
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