2008 China (Dalian) international aquiculture exhibition
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·Asian scale is the largest with the exhibition of aquatic product major that has force most

  • More than 15000 when come from nearly 100 countries and area purchase business and supplier to collect exposition of China International fishery and exhibition of China International aquiculture;
  • 37 countries (14 countries exhibit a group) the ginseng that succeeds with 750 enterprises of the area exhibits;
  • "For the enterprise of bound of aquatic product of alive to showing bound, want to enter Chinese market, play fair of China International fishery the most effectively namely with convenient way, the product that has China's most advanced technology, best show because of here and the potential partner that have actual strength most "
    -------------------------------Come from the delegate of industry of British aquatic product
  • Meeting hind is exhibited in what experienced 12, exposition of China International fishery and exhibition of China International aquiculture continued to hold the essential trade position of 3 big fishery exhibition of world, count every year with of myriad plan buy business and decision-making personage to participate in exhibit meeting;
·Come from Chinese government and aquaculture support energetically

  • Exposition of China International fishery and aquiculture exhibition got aquatic product of guild of national Ministry of Agriculture, national aquatic product, local government is in charge of commerce of manage branch, main aquatic product all the time of organization and media of major of various aquatic product energetically support and participate in effectively;
  • Exhibition is closed to by China International trade branch of meeting agriculture industry is sponsorred, the American ocean that the major of having more than 20 years constituent aquatic product that headquarters is located in Xi Yatu of American Washington city exhibits meeting experience exhibits a company to be abroad assist do.

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