2008(Shijiazhuang) drug of China north pasturage, animal and feed industry expos
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Exhibit meeting address: Shijiazhuang • Heibei saves art center
Begin time: 2008-4-18
End time: 2008-4-20
Sponsor an unit: Shijiazhuang pasturage aquatic product bureau
Contact means: Be like peak 13472173027
Exhibit meeting content: Media support: Drug of animal of net of drug of animal of brand of net of raw material of drug of animal of website of medicine of net of Chinese pasturage net, feed of Chinese animal drug, China fishing, China, China, China 114, vet of pasturage of net of poultry industry net, China breed aquatics, China exhibits pasturage of website of meeting website, China stock raising, China.
Conference brief introduction
Heibei province is agricultural big province, the respect waits to have very strong dominant position and market in development of stock raising, aquatic product and feed industry production, treatment, product. In recent years, the investment that I save pair of stock raising and give aid to strength still is increased ceaselessly, cultivate is planted the measure of science and technology such as prevention and cure of improved epidemic disease is strengthened further, great animal epidemic situation is able to control effectively, breed an amount to grow continuously, breed a structure to be optimized further, dimensions breed aquatics continues to accelerate development. The flesh kind proportion of crop, rasorial dimensions, cattle breed aquatics had rise apparently. Span to come true to save what save by force to pasturage greatly by pasturage, realize an industry upgrade and develop, the development that also saves pasturage aquatic product and feed industry product to drive me further at the same time and flow to diplomacy, carry out in the round implement spirit of conference of countrywide country job, the abidance of stimulative stock raising is fast the pace that healthy progress quickens socialistic new rural area to build; For this, sponsor by bureau of Shijiazhuang pasturage aquatic product, limited company of plan of exhibition of Shijiazhuang annulus eaves undertakes " 2008 (Shijiazhuang) drug of China north pasturage, animal and feed industry exposition " will on April 18, 2008, artistic center is saved 20 days to be held ceremoniously in Heibei.
This second exhibit can aim to reveal domestic and international stock raising to produce level and achievement, promote the application of new technology, new technology, new product in poultry industry, offer first-rate communication commerce to negotiate for domestic and international professional personage and large-scale production business, agency, user opportunity, communicate information, communication each other through exhibition experience, strengthen collaboration, joint development, close to promote a farmer to add, agricultural synergism, enhance animal produce competition ability to make larger contribution.
The swallow Zhao person that opens enthusiasticly, open stone door, invite sincerely industry colleague, walk into Heibei, what start a career in all hand in hand is brilliant.
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