Exposition of 2008 China stock raising
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Time: On April 10, 2008, 12 days of addresses: Yi Xian  sails Ji blames a?
Upgrade to push the industry of Chinese stock raising, the zoology that quickens stock raising changes transition, strengthen domestic and international stock raising the communication of new and high technology and collaboration, promote the promotion of new technology, new product, new facility and application, offer to show company image to poultry industry, undertake those who begin international economy technology to cooperate market sale is mixed trade platform, by fishery of Chinese forest herd bureau of vet of pasturage of city of society, Tianjin reachs relevant industry to be in charge of a branch on April 2008 8-12 day is in Tianjin the international exhibition center is held " exposition of 2008 China stock raising " .
Current exposition business chance is infinite, market potential is tremendous, invite sincerely you to join in current exhibition, start the market in all, postpone grand plan in all.

Origanization construction
Sponsor an unit:
Economy of fishery of Chinese forest herd learns
Bureau of Tianjin city pasturage vet
Help of Chinese herd already is professional committee
Committee of major of Chinese feed economy
Undertake unit:
Bureau of Tianjin city pasturage vet
Beijing innovation sale consults limited company
Beijing head develop shows a service limited company
Support an unit:
Beijing feed industrial association
Heibei saves feed industry association
Assist run an unit:
Medium herd share
Sichuan is saved connect power group
Shandong is silver-colored group of sweet great exploit
Tianjin Ning He is planted formerly pig farm

Report for duty cloth exhibits: On April 8, 2008, time of 9 days of exhibitions: On April 10, 2008, 12 day

Ginseng extend range
1, cultivate birds product and treatment facilities: The flesh kind butcher, flesh kind treatment, milk products treatment, last the equipment, material that pack manage, manufacturing company;
2, animal health care tastes: Production of drug of appliance of vaccine of birds of raw material of animal drug, fishing medicine, animal drug, medicated premix, cultivate, diagnostic reagent, biological product, vet, animal machines equipment to wait;
3, feed industry: Additive beforehand mixed feed; Condense feed of feed, formula feed, special type to wait, equipment of testing instrument of feed product quality; Feedstuff; Feed additive; Feed recipe technology; Feed production machines machinery and fittings; Whole set formula feed processes unit; Whole set (aquatic product) grain feed processes unit; Equipment of equipment of all sorts of feed package machine, quality testing instrument; Personal computer controls system and soft hardware; Publicize media and the press of relevant science and technology;
4, pasturage equipment: Establishment of construction of field of feed of pasturage project, automation and material, intensive is changed milk, collect egg, egg holds manufacturing facilities in the palm; Ventilated, warm oneself, illume, for makings, water, the equipment such as environmental protection blowdown; Breed litter to handle equipment to wait without social effects of pollution;
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