2008 Shandong visit stock raising and feed industry fair
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2008 Shandong visit stock raising and feed industry fair
Time: On April 18, 2008, 20 days of places: • of Linyi China store can exhibit a center
Shandong is a pasturage strong province, stock raising very develop, having " world pasturage takes a fancy to a country, chinese pasturage sees Lu Yue, south Shandong of Guangdong, north " say. 2006, shandong saves stock raising total production value to finish many yuan 1300, hold total production value of countrywide stock raising very one of. Among them, cultivate birds breeds a specialist many 130, all sorts of dimensions farm 100 thousand many, those who compare a standard is of all kinds raise a village 12 thousand many; Feed business 1678, crop of implementation industry feed 13.4 million tons, production value 35.1 billion yuan, crop, production value all resides the whole nation the first; Company of GMP animal drug has many 190, total production value amounts to 2.86 billion yuan; Complete province emerge in large numbers goes out outside resembling Linyi gold gong, Jiang Quan, Zhu Cheng trade, Delisi, in relief Gu Fengxiang, Qingdao 6 close, the enterprise of bibcock of a batch of large pasturage such as 9 couplet, shandong stock raising already became the bibcock that countrywide pasturage develops to be saved greatly, becoming get run the leading sheep that countrywide poultry industry grows.
Linyi city is located in Shandong to save the southern part, sunshine leans east, jujube village is faced on the west, jiangsu is received south, area kilometer of seventeen thousand two hundred square, population 10.07 million, it is the 3rd big integrated terminal market of our country, also be the whole nation's famous stock raising big city. 2006, total production value of whole town stock raising amounts to 13.8 billion yuan, 39% what hold agricultural total production value; Among them total output of hare of live pig, rasorial, ox, sheep, home is 9.116 million respectively, 226 million, one million and fifty-four thousand four hundred, six million five hundred and fifty-five thousand six hundred mix 37.85 million; The animal of special type economy such as fox, ermine, racoon dog fur is 4.3 million; Fleshy egg suckles total output to be 1.275 million tons; Income of stock raising of farmer average per capita already amounted to 1450 yuan; Stock raising already made the strong industry that local farmer get rich becomes rich, to adjust the stimulative effect with drove new rural area of rural economics development and construction socialism to develop structure of local rural economics, main.
The health that saves stock raising to drive me better develops, make up for inadequacy of stock raising developing, strengthen the communication of poultry industry and cooperation, promote the promotion of new technology, new facility, new product and application, improve management pattern further, escort the Emperor to build modern stock raising convoy, specific on April 18, 2008, 20 days visit famous stock raising big city in Shandong, Linyi city is held " stock raising of 2008 Shandong province and feed industry (Linyi) exhibition " , this second exhibit can predict to will have come from herd of domestic and international 500 more than cattle well-known company comes round to attend showpiece, even more looks around before audience of 20 thousand person purchase, the healthy progress that is Shandong stock raising built " mutual benefit of unitive collaboration, collective progress, mutually beneficial, friendly development " good space.
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