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In the past on the market of American prescription drug in a year, copy pharmacy was become the biggest win the home. The prescription amount 2006 grew 3.6 % , achieve 3.3 billion pieces, and the amplitude 2005 is 2.5 % , the factor that prompts amplitude break basically is the growth of copy pharmacy. The 63.8 % of the 56.9 % that copy pharmacy held all prescription to measure and new prescription quantity.

The prescription drug sale 2006 is 192 billion dollar, amplitude is 7.1 % , with the amplitude photograph of 3.8 % is more surprizing than making a person 2005. These two years sale growth basically is sale of drug of prescription of source make a fresh start and the prescription drug that replace patent medicine rise smoothly of sale.

Medicare Part D (plan of insurance of medicines of prescription of insurance of American medical treatment) also produced impact to prescription drug market. From the point of annual, this plan drove prescription drug market to grow 10 % , among them the prescription of 57.5 % is copy pharmacy.

Copy pharmacy replaces patent drug tendency swift and violent

2006, copy pharmacy replaced patent medicine to rise 3.4 % , was 2005 of the amplitude of 1.4 % double much. In new " heavy pound bomb " class medicaments absent and patent drug protection expire in succession under, copy pharmacy accelerated the rate of occupational market. Copy pharmacy obtains Shequlin after approving, left Luo Fu lost the sale of 65 % ; Xin Fa pharmacy of his lowing copy appears on the market, reaved this 63 % that taste prescription drug market, of Shu Jiang market share dropped 2006 to 34.3 % , sale dropped 30.1 % .

Copy pharmacy is in of prescription drug market occupy grow than be in all the time with increase rate. 2005, copy pharmacy occupied the 52.9 % of prescription drug market, amplitude is 11.5 % ; In this 52.9 % , copy pharmacy occupied the 59.4 % of new prescription, amplitude is 12.8 % ; In replacing remedy, copy pharmacy occupied 46.4 % , amplitude is 9.9 % . 2006, copy pharmacy occupied the 56.9 % of prescription drug market, grew 11.4 % , be modelled on among them the 63.8 % that medicine took new prescription, amplitude 11.4 % ; In replacing remedy, copy pharmacy occupied 49.8 % , amplitude is 11.1 % .

The increases pair of patent medicine consumption expenditure of copy pharmacy produced very big effect. Volume of prescription of patent 2006 medicine dropped 5.1 % , copy pharmacy replaced patent medicine to drop 3.2 % , however, patent medicine is occupied mediumly in new prescription than dropping however 7.5 % . Fall according to this a development go down, the odds that patent medicine appears in prescription only know exactly about sth 1/1000000.

Individual and patent medicine is flashy still

But patent medicine still has window to exist, be less than before only. Epileptic cure medicaments, double guanidine kind medicaments and sleep peacefully undisturbedly the growth that still maintains two digit with medicine.
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