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Protective period ends the popular and patent drug that Lai Yiwei holds usury profit, brightness luck pharmacy encounters old of global pharmacy line of business inflict heavy losses on, be in status of old of pharmacy line of business was lost in 500 strong pop chart of American 2007, abdicate is born by force.

According to brightness luck pharmacy money newspaper shows first quarter, its net income is 3.39 billion dollar, close every gain 48 cent, and net income of the corresponding period was 4.11 billion dollar last year.

The main reason that net income drops is his the 2nd big popular medicaments -- depressor " subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is fond of alive (Norvasc) " patent expired ahead of schedule January this year, affected sales volume thereby. This year first quarter, the sale that subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is fond of alive is 1.1 billion dollar, relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 10 % .

Meanwhile, close paragraph time comes, like left Luo Fu (Zoloft) , the patent of the popular medicaments such as Zothromax also expires in succession, make the battalion of brightness luck pharmacy receives channel to decrease greatly.

In fact, the total sale first quarter returns brightness luck pharmacy this year was to reach 12.47 billion dollar, rise compared to the same period 6 % . And include the biggest popular medicaments -- fall cholesterol is popular medicine " appropriate establishing general (Lipitor) " inside a few big " heavy pound bomb " sale grows somewhat compared to the same period. One of quarter performance still also exceed wall street analyst to anticipate.

However, fortune magazine announced the newest rank of 500 strong companies of 2007 United States last week, in the company of pharmacy of 9 big United States that joining a list of names posted up (sale includes prescription drug not only) , brightness luck pharmacy however with gross income 52.4 billion dollar, gain the outstanding achievement of 19.3 billion dollar, rank the 39th, second Yu Jiang gives birth to pharmacy. This, the gross income of strong unripe pharmacy is 53.3 billion dollar, gain 11 billion dollar, overall rank the 36th.

Notable is, the pharmacy company sale that includes a rank this did not include prescription drug only. Because give birth to the scope of business of pharmacy by force besides pharmacy, still included medical apparatus and instruments, consumer goods at the same time, and in what its just released money signs up for first quarter in, the sale of this two much had very big growth compared to the same period.

Come from this say, if if be calculated only,prescription drug is sold, the total sale of brightness luck still is located in be born by force over.

But to brightness luck, in the near future in time, its still will continue to get " heavy pound bomb " the worry that patent expires. Among them " appropriate establishing general " patent period will expire 2010. And last year December, because be discovered existence causes hypertensive risk, "Appropriate establishing general " succeed medicaments also must not bos stopped clinical experiment.
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