Medical city looked into 2007: Crop and price are certain m
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Medical city was in 2006 smooth in spend, so will the medical city 2007 move toward He Fang? The author thinks through market survey, analysis hind: The medical city 2007 will more mature, will progressively trend is normal, good luck and challenge coexist, market competition is more intense, contradiction of supply and demand is acerb with each passing day, sales volume and price rise and fall free and easy. But also should see the profit of medical city is good 2007 factor increase, interest empty factor decreases, whole goes situation to good, crop and price are in smooth in hasten rises, economic benefits increases somewhat in the fundamental admiral 2006.

  Main basis is:

Increase of macroscopical interest good factor. In last few years, our country government published policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control, promoted finance, taxation, agriculture, chemical industry, carry, the rapid development of the industry such as building, medicine, culture and education, medical industry also activationed in the meantime, medicinal material market also amid.

Two markets demand increases domestic international. Look from home market, the science and technology of domain of our country medicine innovates, will produce a lot of new drug, special medicine and in officinal, demand of the medicinal material in be opposite has add without decrease; Because Chinese traditional medicine is poisonous side effect is little, numerous people stems from the need of ego health care, the demand of material of officinal, Chinese traditional medicine in be opposite grows day and day; A lot of medicinal material markets pass our country to rectify and be adjusted for years, medical city walked up stage by stage normal, broad druggist is decorous management thought, sincere letter is spent rise, broad a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs produces a medicinal material by GAP, work along both lines of produce and sale, more make the quality of the medicinal material further upward, will gain more user favour, medical city person enrages increase sharply. Look from the international market, "Chinese herbal medicine is hot " heat alls over the whole world, already 120 many countries and area import Chinese herbal medicine, plant to extract content from our country, quantitative year after year grows, the price is climbed ceaselessly litre, at the same time a lot of countries still invite expert of medicine of our country traditional Chinese medical science and medicinal material to cultivate expert job going abroad, the prestige that enhanced medicine of our country traditional Chinese medical science to go up in the international market thereby and position.

Breach of partial medicinal material increases the price to climb litre. Our country a lot of feral medicinal materials do not have foreword ceaselessly to collect as a result of in successive years dig, resource is dried up with each passing day already, city is afterwards hard after, the price will rise considerably. In the meantime, as a result of price fall of partial medicinal material, together with land is nervous, each district reduced a medicinal material grow an area, output will fall subsequently, bring about the market to supply appear bigger gap, go from bad to worse, "Content with rare for expensive " , the price will rise continuously, partial breed goes up increase.
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