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From 1989 Shenzhen division promotes biology company to hold water up to now, industry of Chinese biology pharmacy experienced development course of 18 years. During this, biology pharmacy industry of China had taken a route that develops from what be modelled on completely to innovate somewhat. Expand quickly of industrial dimensions, of lead company grow quickly, the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new product, new technology, it seems that of spring of already adumbrative industry of pharmacy of our country biology coming. However, the development of anatomize industry discovers after course and current situation, industry of pharmacy of our country biology still is put in a few problems that deserve attention.
Industrial dimensions growth is rapid, gross still puny
According to coming 2001 the statistical data 2006 shows, the dimensions of line of business of products of biology, biochemistry presents the growth state of fast stability all the time, its sales revenue goes to 39 billion yuan of 2006 from 12.8 billion yuan of development 2001, grow 3 times much.
2006, 8.3% what gross value of industrial output of product of Chinese biology, biochemistry holds total production value of medical manufacturing industry; 8.2% what product sales revenue holds gross earnings of medical manufacturing industry, and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year all pick up somewhat, but this scale and medicaments of global biology technology hold sale of whole medicine industry the scale appearance that 10 % control is compared, still somewhat on the low side.
Profit total in successive years grows, gain ability shows downtrend
2006, manufacturing industry of products of Chinese biology, biochemistry realizes gain 4.13 billion yuan, grew 27% compared to the same period. But sales profit ratio shows downtrend however, this also with the industry environment that faces at present closely related.

Enterprise dimensions is general and lesser, the product is given priority to with be modelled on
From the point of company condition, the scope of lead company is still little, look from the enterprise statistic data 2005, 41% what before manufacturing industry of products of Chinese biology, biochemistry is ranked 20 strong company sales revenue hold gross earnings of company of products of all biology, biochemistry.
From 2005 index of finance affairs of company of key biology pharmacy looks, these company sale dimensions center 100 million yuan in 200 million ~5 between, profit total is controlled on average in 50 million yuan. In these enterprises, unripe group place belonged to an enterprise to occupy 4 in, it is to go up respectively biology of strange place, Lan Sheng place, the Temple of Heaven and course of study of Chengdu Chengdu crude drug.
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