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Our newspaper Shijiazhuang electric reporter understands from Shijiazhuang custom, vitamin C(is the following since this year exit of abbreviation dimension C) begins to anabiosis, present the state of the Qi Sheng that estimate value. According to statistic, heibei province exports dimension C7599 first quarter this year ton, value 25.71 million dollar, compare respectively the corresponding period grew last year 5.7% with 7.3% , exit all valence is 3.4 dollars / kilogram, relatively on year have small growth.

Our country is the base of dimension C production with the largest whole world, holding the whole world at present the 7 portion that become the left and right sides, and Heibei province relies on Weierkang (China drug group) , course of study of dimension crude drug (stone drug group) two old pharmaceutical factory, it is the main base that dimension C is produced and exports. As we have learned, begin from 2004, price of dimension C export is low fan, the average price 2005 falls to 3.6 dollars / kilogram, export price continued to glide 2006, have 3.3 dollars only / kilogram.

Relevant controller introduces Shijiazhuang custom, dimension C exports the price this year rise to basically have the following reason:

It is the RMB appreciates those who drove dimension C price rise. Dimension C is our country is had on the international market quite the export goods that price speech counterpoises, since our country carried out RMB exchange rate to form a mechanism to reform in July 2005, exchange rate of RMB add dollar already accumulative total appreciates 6% , drove with dollar calculative dimension C exit rises in price.

2 it is manufacturer of domestic dimension C supply and demand of balance of domestic stop production makes the raise on the price. The dimension C that business of pharmacy of two United States at the beginning of 2005 produces to our country puts forward antitrust appeal, at present this case still is investigating level. Rise in price in American antitrust appeal and raw material under double pressure, home produces an enterprise to borrow stop production to keep market equilibrium of supply and demand in succession. January 2006, china north pharmacy (7.06, 0.47, er of 7.13%) group dimension stop production of health drug industry 30 days; Of the same age on April 15 only then, stop production of industry of crude drug of dimension of Shijiazhuang pharmacy group, reduction of output alleviated supply and demand is contradictory, also make the price begins to rise.

3 it is the market maintains steady growth to the demand of dimension C. Come round to look from eye, the country is brewing cure changing plan, use drug as the foundation, dimension C industry accepts benefit to be opposite at the government continuously public healthful investment. Taste an industry to be added in C of the dimension in the product as food, medicine at the same time increasingly grow in quantity, the international market maintains steady growth to the demand of dimension C. In addition, standard of equivalence of the sources of energy, raw material rises also is the main factor that dimension C rises in price. Although dimension C exports the price at present to pick up somewhat, but because company of dimension C production is own ability of research and development is poor, product construction is relatively single also, the effect that suffers price wave motion still bigger. The result that the antitrust that at the same time the United States puts forward to C of our country dimension investigates also can is opposite dimension C exit will produce an effect henceforth. The personage inside course of study suggests accordingly: Guide an enterprise to adjust the pattern that participates in international competition, outspread industry catenary, adjust product structure, increase technical content and own innovation capacity, make high-end brand, carry high yield to taste additional cost; Guild strengthens pair of businesses coordinate and guide, prevent eagerly the behavior of the disturbed market order such as exit of demand a low price, avoid experience to turn over a dumping to sue. Go up in harmonious exit mechanism at the same time, take more careful and agile stance, avoid to encounter foreign trade camp. (Economic reference signs up for)
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