Antibiotic of intelligence of rice of new generation accept
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Director Professor Shi Wenyuan that comes from los angeles of American California university to divide biology of school oral cavity to fasten says 18 days in Hangzhou, the research that uses accept rice technology at antibiotic medicaments is being begun actively at present in, already obtained level sex positive result. This research aims to solve antibacterial of tradition wide chart content action is able to bear or endure at what arise after human body property of a medicine and side-effect. Apply a professor to say, the bacterial sort inside human body is numerous, there is 700 inside oral cavity for instance a variety of bacteria, there is 1000 in intestines and stomach a variety of, but the majority is beneficial to human body. Consider to make clear, the bacterium causing disease in human body does not exceed 40 kinds probably. The remedy of uses extensively wide chart antibiosis on medicine is at present antiseptic although ability is strong, but killed bacterium is planted range is wide also, because this is met,generation brings about people body unwell all sorts of side-effect. Because a large number of use of wide chart antibiotic, a lot of bacteria had appeared to be able to bear or endure property of a medicine. Accept rice technology is expected to be affixed for antibiotic " intelligence " label, those who become antibiotic " navigator " . "This one technology can call the antiseptic skill of target tropism, it can have specific aim ground to kill bad bacterium only, tarry good bacterium " , apply a professor to say, technology of navigation of the rice that use offer is antiseptic and OK raise antiseptic accuracy, reduce the side effect of antibiotic greatly. If this one technology gets applied extensively, will OK avoid effectively general of wide chart antibacterial be able to bear or endure property of a medicine and side-effect, the wide chart antibacterial that replaces a tradition extremely likely in the future content. At present accept rice antibiotic is in oral cavity, skin touch the place that hits easily to get effective faster. Apply a professor to be in the United States and Gao Loujie company to cooperate at present, use antibiotic of accept rice intelligence to develop the gargle saliva of new generation, with killing the bacterium that be stationed in a tooth effectively. Nowadays, this product has been entered 2 period clinical experiment phase, hopeful comes out before long.