Elegant earth up refer its to fall to FDA of Simcor of chol
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Elegant earthed up a company to referred its to fall to FDA recently the application of Simcor of cholesterol new drug, this action shows this company is about to consolidate its are in fall the position of cholesterol drug market. Simcor is those who secure dosage to fall cholesterol compound medicine, contain Niaspan (delay effect nicotinic acid) with Simvastatin (product of silent gram company -- the active part of Zocor, its patent is protected last year already invalidation) . Elegant earth up a company to make clear, simcor can achieve a variety of cure goals, among them Niaspan can rise " good cholesterol " level, and Simvastatin can be reduced " bad cholesterol " level. The new drug of Simcor applies for content to include the data that gets in two extensive clinical trials, of these two experiments suffer the person that try to amount to 1150 people, right already in experimental process the security of medicine of this kind of medicine made of two or more ingredients and curative effect undertook assessment. (Chinese medicine 123 nets)