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A few days ago, by Chinese medicine organization of quality government institute begins " medical character measures sincere letter to build demonstrative business " assess activity ends. First 13 " character of medicine of countrywide medicine industry measures sincere letter to build demonstrative business " give heat. Inc. of Shandong Lu Kang medicine ranks 9, it is the company that Shandong saves only to obtain this special honour.

This assess activity is Chinese medicine quality government institute was in those who begin in December at coming in September 2006 inside countrywide medicine industry, aim to promote medical company quality the construction that sincere letter controls oneself, improve the quality level of management of the enterprise ceaselessly, assure the safety of medicines and chemical reagents. Via saving medicine each quality government institute is recommended, province food medicines and chemical reagents supervises management board examine and verify to appear in the newspaper, chinese medicine quality manages association to organize expert group to have the link such as spot assess, include industry of pharmacy of Lu Kang, China north, Yang Zijiang drug, traditional Chinese medicine to accuse, a poetic name of China is connected etc well-known company is selected.

Learn pharmacy business as a large state-owned synthesization, lu Kang medicine maintains social sense of responsibility of height and mission sense from beginning to end, hold to " beg with quality live, gain reputation with quality, take the market with quality, with quality hurried develops " concept, improve the quality level of management of the enterprise ceaselessly, ensure medicines and chemical reagents is safe, walked out of a quality to start the journey of look forward to.

Medicines and chemical reagents is a kind of special product, good medicine treats a disease, bad medicine is deadly. The company leader, life that leaves to know very well to employee of a gleam of quality is an enterprise not only reachs on Lu Kang medicine, immediate still impact is worn the health of consumer and life. Lu Kang manages the requirement of system, GMP strictly to organize production according to ISO9000 quality, to each new employee that enter a business, undertake the quality before systematic hillock grooms.

In the meantime, lu Kang medicine still put forward " attention quality, everybody has duty " business concept, start extensive staff to be begun actively " I enter one character to offer one plan to improve product quality " rationalize proposal activity, quality match activity, raise employee to be spent to the attention of quality; Technology of the quality government that established of a mass character, quality tackles key problem QC group, begin all the year round former of complementary makings replace service test, facility transform optimize, those who manufacture technology is improved and perfect etc tackle key problem project, it is the stability of the content of science and technology that improves a product and quality thereby, fall low consumption laid a foundation, the enterprise achieved considerable economic benefits and social beneficial result. Post of each workshop, production also contacts production actual, the quality of of a mass character that often begins agile diversity teachs an activity, make quality awareness thorough popular feeling.
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