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Industry of drug of Ao Xing group has the Heibei of Chinese medicine look forward to that in the United States Nasidake appeared on the market 2006 again new act. Recently, abstruse star announces, had signed about buying pharmacy of Shijiazhuang Le Rentang finite liability company (abbreviation " Le Rentang " ) intent book, ao Xing will buy all property of Le Rentang.

As we have learned, buy the price this to be 10 million dollar about, close 2 times of total sales of benevolence hall product happier 2006. Should buy trade predict to will be in the 3rd quarter was finished 2007. "But, buy finish depend on even a lot of conditions, include to buy consultative subscription and the approval that win Chinese government finally. " abstruse star company shows.

Absorbing is, in be bought this two leading role are having background of disparate one's life experience. Buy line of business of drug of group of square Heibei abstruse star limited company is a company of civilian battalion pharmacy that establishs to have only 10 years, fixed position is produced at development new special high-tech pharmacy business of medicine. And Le Rentang of Shijiazhuang of the object that be bought is to be in 1935 build " old name " , specialize in the production of modern Chinese traditional medicine and sale. Such looking, the development foreground after no matter product or company culture respect have two companies of huge gap,incorporating still has need checking test.

Zhu Xun analyses medical expert: "At present between medical look forward to buy the trend that recombining is this industry, tell from this angle so, of Aoxing and Le Rentang amalgamative without the problem, but two enterprises must make a clear, sound plan to the development henceforth, otherwise foreground is not hopeful. Otherwise foreground is not hopeful..

Because, in 20 years of in the past, chinese medicine look forward to to buying no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach of it may be said, but what gain a success truly is little however little. "Between Chinese medicine look forward to incorporating is existence characteristic, the problem that two enterprises after incorporating should solve often very much, comprise culture of shortage of ageing of breed of medicines and chemical reagents, talent, company hard confluence is waited a moment. Resemble Aoxing and Le Rentang especially two companies with such bigger otherness are amalgamative, want to face more risk. " Zhu Xun emphasizes. (Beijing

. " Zhu Xun emphasizes. (Beijing business signs up for)

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