Ginseng combination content kind product hopeful is gotten
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In recent years, the health care that is raw material with Chinese traditional medicine is tasted, because its are pure natural, poisonous side effect is little and get the extensive reliance of consumer. Wu Dazhen of vice-chairman of association of Chinese health care predicts, ginseng active ingredient sets thing kind health care is tasted, become what prospective health care tastes the market extremely likely to get army person.

Go up century since 80 time, biology scientist gives Rg3 of tall active material, Rh2 from the extraction in ginseng black glucoside in succession, explained the magical action of ginseng with the exactest element structure, by international academia the delegate composition of effect of front of accepted humanness ginseng, opened the mystery of effect of ginseng god outstanding merit thereby. Rg3, Rh2 enhances immune power, fight the fatigue, discovery that controls tumor function, the made heat that makes research of group of global medicine, health care.

1995, chinese scientist invented special industrialized technology, realized Rg3, Rh2 to produce revolutionary breakthrough of the technology, kunming spirit careless science and technology develops limited company to adopt patent technology on this foundation, use technology of contemporary high-tech biology, raised recovery rate nearly 1000 times, purity is amounted to 95% , realized industrialized production.

As we have learned, be known as " plant diamond " the assorted product of Rg3 of ginseng black glucoside and Rh2 -- stand establish capsule to appear on the market formally a few days ago. This is our country in ginseng active ingredient -- after application of ginseng black glucoside realizes industrialization, enter the product of the first ginseng health care of home of common common people. (economic reference signs up for)