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"Feel accordingly. " Li Liangcai of section chief of department of supply and marketing of pharmaceutical factory of Henan China star is in price of salt of industry of treat of penicillin when, like to repeat this word.

And now, his sense is better and better. Since this year, penicillin industry salt by the 6 dollars when trough / BOU (billion unit) violent wind rises to 11 dollars / BOU, and such ascendant trend still did not stop at present, be in last week, more occurrence Xin Yibo " soare " prices, again from 11 dollars / BOU goes up to 16 dollars / BOU.

As the whole nation the biggest penicillin produces manufacturer, bandit of benefit of China star pharmacy is shallow, li Liangcai is full of upbeat mood of course.

The price that comes from healthy net monitors data to show, at present home of penicillin industry salt clinchs a deal actually the price is in 16 dollars of 15 ~ / BOU, although clinch a deal,the volume is not very large, but also be one transfers period. And export price change is not apparent, the price of large Feburary sheet still is in 9 dollars / BOU, now and then a few can reach 13 dollars / BOU.

"From at present the state looks, (domestic price) will naturally drive future exit of a few months rises in price. " Ba Yanfeng of healthy net researcher expresses.

The market thinks generally, cause this round to soare because the part below environmental protection pressure is in,the main reason of prices is remained 2, the manufacturer stop production of 3 a group of people of same interest, the company of the first a group of people of same interest is limited also produce action of reduction of output, cause goods to tighten price spread. In the meantime, also make conversely price bottom accuses more hasten centers the minority such as Yu Huaxing, China medicine, haing medicine in big company hand. Nevertheless, li Liangcai denies the possibility that is reserved in a few big manufacturer to continue to turn costly case together likely, "This is market action, everybody does each each. " he says to the reporter.

So good market level, other company of course also won't a few big tycoons enjoy sit by and watch beneficial. Current, a lot of already the enterprise of stop production begins plan answer to produce, this includes the direct competitor of Chinese penicillin among them. It is reported, indian south is petro-chemical the company already restored to produce penicillin industry salt at the near future, and in a few years in the past, this company is the big client of India of exit of salt of Chinese penicillin industry, 2006 India mentions to China penicillin industry salt turns over dumping lawsuit dispute in, this enterprise is the mainest person that drive.

"Now such prices, also mean them purchase cost general promotion, answer producing also is to stem from the consideration to purchasing cost. " Ba Yanfeng is analysed. Nevertheless, li Liangcai thinks to be opposite the shadow of domestic company answers this very won't big, "They now answer producing is 1000 tons probably, still do not touch on we a workshop. Still do not touch on we a workshop..
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