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Recently, countrywide blow is illegal special operation mixes practise medicine to be collected illegally for blood conference of videophone of special repair work is in Beijing to hold. Chen Xiao of undersecretary of Ministry of Public Health grand express on the meeting, illegal practise medicine still exists inside certain limits, still highlight quite in specific place problem even, problem of a few deep administrative levels has not gotten be settlemented at all. Additional, the illegal phenomenon of haemal domain somewhat resurgence and rebound, serious minatory masses uses hematic security.

This year January, when countrywide special operation leads a group to wait for 10 superintend and director that visit town to check to Beijing, in all dark visited 116 clinic, via checking 46 did not obtain medical establishment hold licence of course of study, occupy 40% . In Beijing the place that 100 meters are less than inside a small alley has 5 black clinic. "We had begun special operation two years, these problems still are, what have to cause us is thoughtful. " Chen Xiao grand say.

In the meantime, a few medical establishment break the law violate compasses behavior to still was not corrected. According to Introduction Chen, 24 provinces (area, city) selective examination in all when summary of sex of special operation phase is evaluated medical establishment 2568, discovery has 453 to still exist break the law violate compasses act, occupy 18% ; Selective examination medical personnel 11740 people, discovery has 867 people to do not have lawful aptitude, 411 people were not changed hold industry spot. When countrywide special operation leads group superintend and director to check, selective examination in all 883 people of doctor, discover unqualified 68 people, occupy 8% , basically be to was not changed hold industry spot hold course of study, exceed range hold the problem such as course of study; Selective examination 128 people of nurse, among them 4 people did not obtain a nurse hold industry letter, occupy 3% .

Ministry of Public Health thinks, afore-mentioned circumstances and blow job are not fulfilled reach the designated position about. For instance, group of leader of countrywide special operation turns for many times do reflective the Anhui province problem of illegal practise medicine informs against do-nothing county badly, save wholesome hall to also supervise and direct for many times, but till do-nothing this year in January county just begins to undertake clearing in the round,rectify, the work is serious lag. Still for instance, ministry of Public Health ever turned twice the hospital in doing Shanxi to visit suddenly city town is rental problem of doctor of section office, use holiday, but superintend and director was checked January this year group go this courtyard is dark false doctor still discovers when visitting undertaking activity of diagnosis and treatment, and " diagnose " dark visit personnel to suffer from went up " venereal " , when dark when visitting personnel to show the capacity, false doctor immediately decamp.
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