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By the tool of research and development of limited company of science and technology of biology of Fujian China Can enzymatic already was included a country " 863 " plan biology and guideline of priority discipline of medical technology domain. Current, its tool enzymatic product is applying at relevant domain in countrywide promotion, ended our country tool thereby enzymatic the history that imports for a long time from abroad. This is the news that the reporter knew from China Can company on April 19.

According to the tool Dr. Huang Facan introduces the enzymatic person that develop, the tool is enzymatic the important rate in biology domain, be just like the CPU in computer, the motor in the car. The tool is enzymatic it is contemporary biology technology be used at product of research and development gene engineering and molecular biology research in the industry most fundamental material, the system of tool enzymatic production that a country did not become independent, do not have industry of independent contemporary biology technology. The application with enzymatic tool is very wide, be in not only biology technology industry, still be in at the same time the domain such as detect of marine, environmental protection, military affairs, punishment and energy development has main effect.

At present enzymatic sale of international market tool amounts to about a hundred 100 million dollars, and before there is the United States only on the world, before Russia Lithuania and Japan have technology of tool enzymatic production, our country place requires all sorts of tools enzymatic rely on an entrance completely. Accordingly, the development production of product of tool enzymatic series can replace an entrance not only, have enormous economic benefits, and be in to fill our country the blank of this one domain, industry of biology of development our country and safeguard state security have important sense.

What Dr. Huang Facan ever learned in the United States and work 10 years is long, during he is own research and development departed the gene with 216 concerned enzymatic tools. 2002, dr. Huang Facan goes back to the motherland established limited company of science and technology of biology of Fujian China Can. From 2004 since put into production of second half of the year, china Can company developed production already successfully to give a variety of 50 tools enzymatic series product, tool enzymatic project already also passed the achievement appraisal that hall of Fujian Province science and technology organizes, have own intellectual property.

The expert thinks, the technology that China Can company develops is in of the efficient expression carrier with enzymatic tool, host ferment, the respect such as detached extraction has innovation sex, among them the compose of efficient expression carrier is built and add up to rarefied technology to achieve international in person advanced level. In addition, china Can company still is made gave the quality standard with enzymatic tool to sign up for national mass supervisory bureau to put on record.
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