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Special punish spot meets safety of quality of Shandong province aquatic product

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Character of Shandong province aquatic product measures conference of spot of action of safe and special punish to be held in Lai state city, guo Fangwen of leadership of town of city of state of Yuan of long king of deputy hall of Shandong province ocean and piscatorial hall, Lai and ocean of city of 17 ground level and controller of piscatorial bureau be assigned personal responsibility for attended the meeting, their view and emulate factory of city aquatic product changes Lai city to breed mode without social effects of pollution, the pace below arrangement deploy saves aquatic product character to measure safe and special punish to work completely.
Personnel attending the meeting above all on-the-spot view and emulate limited company of aquatic product of cooperation of aquiculture of Zhu Wang of Lai state city, Ming Bo, visited research center of technology of workstation of prevention and cure of disease of fish of Lai state city, turbot breed aquatics. Guo Fangwen of deputy mayor of Lai state city introduced character of this city aquatic product to measure secure job situation. Lai state city measures safe respect to explore the advanced experience practice that summary gives in aquatic product character, ensured high grade and safe aquatic product enters the market not only, place table of about a hundred surname, and also be worth Shandong to save aquatic product of other each district to breed an enterprise to draw lessons from very much.
In recent years, lai state city breeds technical experiment promotion around health, strengthen safety of aquatic product quality to manage ceaselessly, carry out standardization production energetically, without producing area of social effects of pollution cognizance area achieved 24940 hectare, early or late 11 aquatic product were passed without attestation of produce of social effects of pollution, the seedling is planted manufacturing licence does card rate to achieve 100% . Be 3 years certainly continuously " province fishery science and technology enters a demonstrative county " , predict the end of the year, total output of aquatic product of Lai state city will ensure finish 300 thousand tons.

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