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Bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture takes the lead in starting science

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On Feburary 22, the Ministry of Agriculture holds countrywide fishery science and technology to provide disaster relief in city of peach of Hubei province celestial being and science and technology enters a spring action to start the spot to meet, spot of 4 experts contingent is aimed at the aquiculture breed such as fish of river crab, ricefield eel, fresh water to impart technical essentials, begin restore to produce a technology to groom. 200 much fishermans mirror the scene in succession, the expert comes to us when we are the most difficult among, the science and technology that brought us to be badly in need of provides disaster relief knowledge, tell really, clear, the confidence that we produce to restoring to be born after calamity is fuller, if only they can stay two days to be told more again more a few ah!

Li Jianhua of director of bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture tells a reporter, the snow of rain of infrequent low temperature that our country south produces this year puts aspic calamity on the ice, give our country inland aquiculture advocate produced an area to cause significant loss, up to now, the whole nation is saved 13 times (area, city) stricken be hit by a natural adversity breed aquatics area (include establishment fishery to wait) 14.55 million mus, loss aquatic product 870 thousand tons, immediate pecuniary loss 6.8 billion yuan. A large number of death that plant with the fish originally in person especially will affect the piscine shrimp this year of fingerling of seedling breed, big norms supply and 5, the commodity fish August appears on the market the exit raw material such as 鮰 of forked end of supply and Luo Fei fish, stain is supplied.

According to Introduction Li Jianhua, after happening of the situation of a disaster, fight calamity for cogent aggrandizement science and technology, decrease the calamity, technology servive routine that resumes piscatorial production, ministry of Agriculture and nowadays were sent " the urgent announcement that fights calamity and spring production to offer science and technology to serve about be agriculture with all one's strength " and " the announcement of job of science and technology of good about be being done deep fishery providing disaster relief " , the working focal point that put forward to strengthen service of science and technology and science and technology to provide disaster relief, main task and concerned requirement. To enhance the specific aim that piscatorial science and technology provides disaster relief, seasonable sex and effectiveness, bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture still manages jointly with education of science and technology technology of aquatic product of academy of midwifery of constituent China water, whole nation popularizes the expert of unit of the scientific research such as terminal and university of Shanghai aquatic product, promotion, education, form 6 experts group, take fishery of team leave for different destinations by bureau leader stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Anhui, Guangxi, the actual condition that produces according to local calamity and breed manufacturing characteristic, divisional and different breed reachs his to breed means and potential epidemic situation risk, survey analysis needs the main technique problem that solves mainly. Contingent of 24 science and technology is passed groom, set an example, seek advice, extend the measure such as practical technology data, the spot solves problem of of all kinds technology.

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