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Level of scientific pisciculture of Fujian Longyan city rises ceaselessly

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Branch of various fishery of Fujian Longyan city popularizes strength through increasing new technology new breed, strengthen the job such as prevention and cure of fish disease immunity, make scientific pisciculture level rises ceaselessly thereby, average per unit area yield amounts to pond of whole 2007 town 639 kilograms.
Even city, Wu Ping, Zhang smooth, new collect wait for a county (city, area) further improvement breeds condition and breed kind, deepen piscine pool to rise put in a suitable place to breed density, use aerator is improved water quality, general promotion Peng changes grain feed pisciculture, make breed per unit area yield to get rising newly thereby.
Fierce smooth county carries out hill pond annulus raises pattern, partial hill pond breeds crop taller than the pond, odd season breeds mu produce can amount to 1300 ~ 1400 jins, double season output is adjacent break up time.
Natural village popularizes the brook inside level ground of South America of Guilin of Zhang smooth city on the west pisciculture of zoology of small running water, raise big norms fingerling to put in a suitable place to breed density, adopt defend ill measure integratedly, with grain feed pisciculture, complementary with grass of person type of work, odd season mu produce can amount to 2000 kilograms of above.
New collect area a few pisciculture door use adult fish pool to be covered group by group raise fingerling annulus to catch appear on the market means, breed " 4 everybody fish " breed of tie-in name actor builds crucian carp of carp, tall back, year can breed 3 season, average mu annual produce exceeds 13 thousand yuan.

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