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863 plans development developed the nation drug of a batch of new animal and vac

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2008-03-05 science and technology
"863 plans " it is important that development developed drug of a batch of new animals and vaccine to be our country animal epidemic disease is prevented accuse, public safety offers safeguard food safety and society product support.
Country 863 plans are contemporary the great animal epidemic disease such as epidemic disease of hoof of speak or sing alternately of agrotechnical domain needle, avian flu, swine fever, development developed efficient vaccine 40 kinds, drug of a batch of new animal already entered clinical application and experiment phase, it is important to will be our country animal epidemic disease is prevented accuse, public safety offers safeguard food safety and society product support.
In cultivate birds the compose of the gene project vaccine of important virus disease, bacterium disease, helminth builds and major breakthrough obtains on development: Developed a needle to wait for cultivate, birds to foot-and-mouth disease, avian flu, hydrophobic, swine fever the unit price of great virus disease and vaccine of multivalent gene project 10 kinds; Contrived in the light of the pig streptococcic, pig is pneumonic salmonella of typhoid fever of dysentery characterized by white mucous stool of a former put oneself in another's position, chicken, chicken and birds the gene project such as coliform organisms disease is vaccinal wait for 9 kinds; It is important that development is aimed at bug of ball of cysticercus of schistosome, pig, chicken, Yangtai to strap the cultivate birds such as bug the gene project of verminosis is vaccinal 15 kinds. These already had 5 to enter clinical trial phase in new vaccine.
Consider to go up in drug of new-style biology animal, in order to fight virus, fight a bacterium, fight helminth to be main goal, the new-style animal drug that developed a batch of wide chart, efficient, low remain keeps abreast of clinical trial phase. Compose built high yield to pull gene of bacterium element Bkd to be short of more break choppy individual plant, tall maternity leave black of dish of bacterium element turn gene is Bi Chi yeast, efficient the gene of mildew element decides element of mildew of Nanchang of the coliform organisms that conveys the peptide that fight bacterium, high yield and Mei Ling, built bacterial element, fertile Buddhist nun clever forest, hold the element that draw bacterium, peaceful in the palm the fermenting of the new animal drug such as Le Jun element and preparation craft. Improved the preparation technology that entrusts production of former drug of the element that draw bacterium, make always close rate rise 30.8% , the 15 % of patenter than the United States report raised one times, reduced manufacturing cost substantially.

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