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Mark of ground of countrywide fishing medicine rises enlarged meeting of work of

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Terminal of promotion of technology of countrywide aquatic product coachs with medicine at Beijing the organization was held " countrywide place standard promotes group of association of national level technology enlarged meeting " , partly expert,
Mark of ground of countrywide fishing medicine rises leading company of group of GB technology coordination and share the controller of technical advice station of provincial aquatic product is represented more than times 30 in all attended the meeting.
The conference was decorated " technology of fishing drug production learns " and " fishing medicine pharmaceutics " the succeeding activity that waits for a data to read and edit, preliminary and affirmatory in next year by Feburary before final version; Research fulfilled a Ministry of Agriculture the need in the fishing drug that is national level promoting in date and 910 627 date, 850 bulletin undertakes medicaments metabolizes kinetic experiment unit, the requirement accelerates experimental job, become a full member for these fishing medicine careful is judged supply drug of concerned fishing drug data of test of acting kinetic field; Mark of fishing medicine ground rises delegate of leading company of GB coordination group to agree with experiment funds consistently to partake by synergic group company, achievement is shared; Preliminary research and planned series of cooperation raising bid succeeding activity.
On the meeting, technical advice station of aquatic product of the leader that aquatic product of terminal of promotion of technology of countrywide aquatic product, China learns, concerned province (center) collective summary, communication mixes controller of leading company of the member that chief and mark of ground of countrywide fishing medicine promote GB technology cooperation delibrate 2007 year organization begins " science and technology of drug of national level fishing, continued to organized this activity to make preliminary arrangement jointly 2008, the conference will be in next year certainly 7 aquiculture of countrywide continue to develop this activity relative to centralized province; The activity still takes the form that by technology of countrywide aquatic product aquatic product of promotion terminal, China is learned and produces enterprise tripartite to cooperate to be organized jointly about key fishing medicine; Specific division of labor is terminal of promotion of technology of countrywide aquatic product and society of Chinese aquatic product the plan of responsible activity, organization and carry out, be in charge of concerning those who publicize a data to compile and print; Through the key fishing medicine of GMP attestation manufacturing company cooperates to concern technical advice station of province aquatic product each (center) or specific organization fulfils branch of piscatorial administration director be in a mobile plan of an area; Mobile funds adopts the method that governmental finance support, enterprise supports to be solved jointly.
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