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Sun Zhengcai: In the whole nation farming endowment the speech that makes confer

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Sun Zhengcai: Be in countrywide farming endowment the speech that makes conference of videophone of operation of false special processing go up (full text)Date: 2008-03-07 08:43Author: Sunzheng justOrigin: Ministry of Agriculture

Sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture

(on Feburary 28, 2008)

This the main task of videophone conference is, implement spirit of a central file deep, fulfil the State Council to fight calamity to decrease calamity and deploy of work of spring ploughing production about countrywide agriculture in the round, arouse further rise, restore to rebuild to be produced with spring ploughing around calamity hind closely, severe blow makes carry out holiday bad farming endowment and fool case of raise up the price to wait for hole farming to kill an Agriculture Bank to be, standard farming endowment market order, ensure farming endowment supply an amount qualification of enough, quality, price is reasonable, hit stoutly after winning calamity, restore to rebuild, spring ploughing production and animal epidemic disease are prevented accuse 3 tough fight, strive the agriculture after calamity has a good crop, implementation annual produce is supplied effectively, agricultural stability develops and the farmer is added continuously accept a target. A moment ago, the concerned branch of Hubei, Henan, Heilongjiang and 3 farming endowment manufacturing company delegate made very good speech respectively, the country is industrial and commercial average comrade made Liu of total bureau of qualitative check of smooth comrade of remote of total bureau bell, country respectively serious talk. Below, I am told at 3 o'clock opinion.

   One, production and spring ploughing restore to make preparations for ploughing and sowing after sober understanding calamity situation,

This year in January since the middle ten days of a month, the partial area such as our country south produced snow of rain of serious low temperature to put aspic calamity on the ice, agriculture is stricken be hit by a natural adversity the history is infrequent, range is wide, strength is great, time is long, breed is much, produce the life to cause significant loss to disaster area farmer, to the spring ploughing that is about to spread out production brings very great difficulty, to fresh the supply of produce brings greater pressure, to a few agriculture production the domain brings durative influence. Before long the State Council held countrywide agriculture to fight calamity to decrease calamity and meeting of spring ploughing production before, undertook comprehensive deploy to restoring to rebuild to be produced with spring ploughing after calamity. In the center of concluded yesterday seventeen 2 in calamity of plenary meeting antagonism provides disaster relief, be opposite especially of agriculture fight calamity to provide disaster relief the requirement that put forward to make clear. We should implement conference spirit seriously, analyse current condition deep, after science holds calamity, restore to rebuild, spring ploughing production and great animal epidemic disease are prevented accuse to wait for job requirement, had caught in the round farming endowment dozen holiday and superintendency job.

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