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Chongqing is begun animal drug market is special 2008 punish

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For cogent strengthen quality of drug of our city animal to control administrative job, severe blow manufactures management activity illegally, the standard uses act, according to the Ministry of Agriculture " animal drug market is special 2008 repair program " (2008 〕 of 〔 of farming cure hair 9) requirement, combinative our city is virtual, develop whole town now animal drug market is special 2008 punish.

It is to strengthen a leadership, make clear responsibility

Develop animal drug market special punish activity, it is the main job of safety of safeguard poultry production and safety of animal produce quality, be those who maintain profit of capital and profit of farmer masses root is direct reflect, it is to raise stock raising integrated productivity, ensure stock raising health develops steadily, implementation farmer adds the important route that control continuously. Each area county should value animal drug market highly special punish works, should stand in the service " 3 farming " height, cogent enhance the sense of urgency that begins special punish operation and sense of responsibility, strengthen the leadership that works to special punish action further, according to " apanage management, classification responsible " principle, fulfil system of job responsibility and responsibility to find out make.

2 it is aggrandizement is superintended, implement measure

Each area county (autonomous county) want the requirement according to relevant law laws and regulations, raise the pair of animal drug production, initiative that manage and uses an activity to superintend the job, take step, increase execute the law strength, firm catchs gist case to investigate, standard and purify animal drug market. Want according to the requirement, combinative this locality is actual, make particular animal drug market special punish activity implements plan, clear and internal responsibility divides the work, define not contemporaneous job focal point, during the Olympic Games, each district should develop the special inspection activity of animal drug market centrally, maintain animal drug to make state of false high pressure, ensure animal drug quality. Should work special punish and regular examination organic union rises, undertake working deploy seriously, implement each work measure, cogent had caught market of drug of our region animal special punish works.

3 it is unitive cooperation, cooperate closely

In animal drug market special punish works in, the cooperation that each area county wants to strengthen ground interval and cooperate, want to break local protection to crossing the case of area, deal with in coordination; City agriculture administration executes the law total fleet should be coordinated actively, strengthen guidance. Each district is old to what discover in the examination case, want case, should execute the law actively with city agriculture administration the sectional connection such as supervisory management of medicines and chemical reagents of total fleet and public security, industrial and commercial, food, the support that strives for them and cooperate, turn over judiciary gravity in time to making the case of crime to handle.
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