The Japan below international pressure suspends catching kill a humpback
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Occupy British BBC12 month 21 days to report, filial piety of letter of magisterial Ding village says Japanese cabinet, although Japanese whale fleet forbids to be caught fully,kill a humpback, but still will be in south too the area catchs the whale that kills other sort. Because got,believing Japanese this action is of international whale committee pressure.

The humpback can no more be chased in the time that Japan may be in a year. Our departure is already sharp 3 years, during this your live well when we often also were not contacted in that way like the friend, and tell the truth, because everybody has had the past, also cannot resemble a friend so natural in that way

Before international whale committee asked to protect a humpback 1966, the humpback ever was arrested almost kill almost to use up.

Australia is applied pressure

Australia suspends catching the decision that fights a humpback to express to welcome to Japan. Before this, liu Kewen of Australian new prime minister expresses, investigate whale be related to be collect evidence to World Court to lodge a complaint with respect to Japan likely, australian Xiang Natai makes the same score exoticism dispatch warship, track Japanese whale fleet, film relevant photograph.

Japan alleges all the time their whale action is the purpose that stems from scientific research. But environmentalist gives to this denounce, the scientific research reason that criticises Japan uses high-sounding develops commercial whale activity.

Japanese whale plans to get dispute fully this year, before this supports whaler group southward Pacific Area, the plan is caught kill whale of small beard of 935 50 humpbacks, antarctic and 50 finback.

Filial piety of letter of magisterial Ding village says Japanese cabinet, international whale committee present run " abnormal " .