Learn seventeen great mind to study the key worked 2008 seriously
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Came 8 days on December 6, I stand in Beijing Chang Ping to hold study of group of 2007 year center to meet, station leader and cadre of deputy place above entered study. This second conference is serious study, profundity is comprehended mainly, carry out fulfil seventeen great mind, summed up worked 2007, study working key and job planned 2008.
In study, the thought of all like-minded union oneself and work are real, from implement scientific progress concept, coach promotion job is begun; Strengthen zoology civilization to build, build harmonious unit hard; Strengthened the many sided such as culture construction to talk about experience. All comrade thinks consistently, the seventeen big report of the party is mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, sum up the job since the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China and obtained success seriously, the great history process that since reviewing summary reforming and opening, ligament of political parties and other organizations understands a the people of all nations to build Chinese characteristic socialism and valuable experience, to advancing our country reforming and opening and socialistic modernization in the round, the great project with the new construction that pushs a faction in the round makes strategic deploy, arouse further entire party the people of all nations, continue to liberate a thought, hold to reforming and opening, promote scientific development, stimulative society is harmonious. Wei Baozhen stationmaster emphasizes in learning summary, complete station comrade should learn seriously further and comprehend spirit of seventeen big report deep, should be in the strategic height that fulfils science to develop view, compose to build socialistic harmony society in the round, the basis builds comparatively well-off society in the round, accelerate the external demand that boosts modernization, close together union is present " 3 farming " the development change of working new condition and work of promotion of aquatic product technology are real, with the spirit of scientific theory, innovation, technology of ceaseless aggrandizement aquatic product popularizes function of systematic commonweal sex, promotion promotion team serves the ability of fishery of fisherman, service and level.
Combinative study, everywhere the controller of room and directly under unit was summed up seriously worked 2007, station leader was listened to seriously everywhere room and about the unit the job was reported 2007, to each the job undertook objective analysis and one by one are commented on. Personnel attending the meeting undertook discussion ardently with respect to the key in the job and difficulty problem, undertake study to working mainly 2008. In summing up a speech, wei Baozhen stationmaster was sure I stand in aquatic product technology to popularize systematic reform and construction, science and technology to enter adequately door, associated breeding, epidemic disease is special monitor, change the line of production be transferred to civilian work grooms, base construction, magazine releases the result that waits for a respect to obtain, analysed the problem that the need in the job solves further at the same time, stationmaster of final the Kingdom of Wei undertook deploy to the key job 2008: It is technology of basic level aquatic product promotion system construction and reform should be on mechanism and mode innovation break through somewhat; 2 it is dominant breed is mixed advocate push a technology to want to hold a key, discuss and sum up promotion mode, actual effect of do one's best; 3 it is disease job of prevention and cure should continue to consolidate and raise routine monitoring and key epidemic disease to monitor a level, build system of quick response expert; 4 it is to groom the job should cooperate actively to become throughout the country of good next year the breed aquatics of fishing politics personnel executes the law; 5 it is to should clutch fulfil fish of stain forked end to answer the associated breeding that waits for breed of key breed aquatics to implement plan; 6 it is independent accounting unit should perfect administrative system further, run mechanism and incentive mechanism soundly, fulfil responsibility, arouse the employee's enthusiasm adequately; 7 it is to should raise group spirit and innovation spirit, strengthen sectional efforts, around ministry bureau center, initiate aquatic product technology to extend working new phase hard.
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